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Takal, Khan Mohammad

Name Takal, Khan Mohammad
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Minister of Energy and Water acting
History and Biodata

The Ministry of Water and Power (MoWP) was divided into the National Water Management Authority (NWMA) and the National Energy Services Regulatory Authority (NESRA) in compliance with a decree of President Ashraf Ghani in January of 2020.

1. Former Ministers of Water and Energy Minister of energy and water Minister of Water and Power MoWP:
Mohammad Ismael Khan (2004-2009)
nominated Minister of Water and Energy  20120215
Ismael Khan Minister of Water and Energy stepped down because Presidential Election 2014 (20120305 - 20131000)
Mohammad Arif Noorzai (20131028-20140930)
Mohammad Arif Noorzai acting Minister of Water and Energy (20141001)
acting Minister of Water and Power Ghulam Faruq Qarizadeh (20141209)
Eng Ali Ahmad Osmani (20150418 - 20180609)
acting Minister of Water and Energy MeW Mohammad Gul Khulmi, was appointed as acting minister (20180609-20190524)

Tahir Sharan acting (20190529)
Khan Mohammad Takal acting (20200109)

Deputy Water and Energy Minister:
Kamaluddin Nizami (20070408)
Shujauddin Ziayee (20111022)
Eng. Amanullah Ghaleb Amanullah Ghalib (20160524, 20170203)
Abdul Baseer Azimi Abdul Basir Azimi (20170215, 20170904) Abdul Basir Azemi, deputy head of the administration and finance department (20180128 suspended)
Mohammad Gul Khulmi, deputy minister of energy and water for energy, was appointed as acting minister (20180609) resigned (20200109)
Khan Mohammad Takal (20181012) was appointed as acting Minister (20200109)
Eng Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Omar (20210921)

Advisor to the Minister of Water and Energy:

Mohammad Yahya Hazem (20180421)

Ministry of Water and  Energy Location:
Kabul Address: Address Darullaman main Road, Kabul, Afghanistan Office Email: . Office Phone: 020- 240 1303
Contact Person 2: Mr. Gulam M. Amin Post Title: Deputy Director Mobile: 0700 298 882
Contact Person 3: Mr. Parvez Kakar Post Title: Executive Assistant to Minister Mobile : 0799 620 005/0700 030 466 Email:

2. Previous Function.
Civil and Water Resources Engineer
Chief Advisor to the President’s Office
Deputy Minister Energy and Water (20181012)
Minister Energy and Water acting (20200109)

3. Biodata:
Khan Mohammad Takal is a Civil and Water Resources Engineer.

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Established 2020-01-09