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News director with Khurshid TV:
Samiullah Aminy (20190804)
Editor-in-chief of Khurshid TV:
Rafi Sediqqi (20200530)
Names linked with Khurshid Media:
Abed Khorami (Founder of MAK Media)
Samir Zia (Journalist at Khurshid)
Zarif Sediqi (Chief of Staff Khurshid Media)
Fazel Rabi ( Operations Manager SOS International LLC)
Mrs. Musal Abasi (Actress)
Ahmad Sear Sahak, Production Management Manager (20200510)

Khurshid Television Anchorperson:
Sayed Farid Sanai (20200103) fled Afghanistan and is seeking asylum in Ireland (20200103)

Khurshid Television a professional TV Channel located in Kabul, Afghanistan. It is also listed as an NGO. Khurshid TV channel was founded on the 22nd of February 2011. Our philosophy is to broadcast Afghan culture programs in all provinces of Afghanistan. It was sponsored by Development Aid Consulting Ltd (Dev Aid Ltd., Cyprus)

Khurshid TV network means "sun". It is a private TV Channel with a variety of possibilities for progress.

Khurshid TV is currently broadcasting 24 varieties of programs according to the mood of people, including different types of social activities, economic, cultural and political Afghani society. It is based on the article 34 of the constitution of Afghanistan, and is established according to the mass media principals of Islamic republic of Afghanistan as an independent private media. Nothing broadcasted through this channel is against the laws and rules of country and Islamic rules.(20180707)

Khurshid TV has produced original programming content, broadcast each week, and it has produced all original music for each of its 14 local studio productions, which shows the creativity and skills of the active team. Khurshid TV has also produced international and well-known concepts. The TV channel has many different studios including a chroma set. Khurshid media - Khurshid TV - Khurshid Radio - Khurshid Production (content, production and sound)

A magnetic explosive device attached to a bus carrying employees of the Afghan television station Khurshid TV blew up during the evening rush hour on August 4, 2019.
The bus driver and a pedestrian were killed, while two Khurshid TV employees and a second passerby were wounded in the blast.


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