Afghan Biographies

Qaem, Javid Ahmad Dr.

Name Qaem, Javid Ahmad Dr.
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Ambassador to China
History and Biodata

1. Former Ambassadors to China:
Qiamuddin Rais Barla (2003)
Eklil Ahmad  Hakimi (2005, 20090318)
Political Affairs Officer, United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), Kabul, Afghanistan (June 2002 – Feb 2005)
Sultan Ahmad Baheen (20091122)
Mohammad Kabir Farahi (20150608)
Janan Mosazai (2014-2018)
Musa Arefi, Chargé d'Affaires ad interim of the Afghan Embassy in China (20190920)
Dr. Javid Ahmad Qaem (20191116) stepped down (20220109)
Taliban appointed Mahyuddin Sadat, as the embassy’s first secretary (20220111)

Embassy Staff:

Counsellor of the Afghan Embassy in China:
Sayed Habiburahman Husinpur (201900920)

First Secretaries:
1. Mr. Babakhan Aslami
2. Mr. Ahmad Haroon Najmpoor

Second Secretary:
1. Mr.Mohammad Esa Nawabi
2. Mr. Abdul Ghani Hassanzada
3. Mr.Mohammad Aslam Aslami

Third Secretary:
1. Mr.Nik Mohammad Zarifi
2. Mr. Tella Hossain OrozganiCommercial Attache:
Mr.Abdul Salam Munir

2. Previous Function Dr. Javid Ahmad Qaem Javed Qaim:
Teacher at Kabul Language Center
Afghan Women welfare Department
Yama Development Association
Pajhwok News
National Solidarity Program Officer
Asia Foundation OfficerDirector General of Plan and Programs Coordination of the Ministry of Agriculture (20140714)
Ministry of Counter Narcotics, Deputy Minister Policy and Coordination (20170517, 20180131)
Political Advisor, Office of the National Security Council (NSC), Deputy Minister Ministry of Counter-Narcotics (MCN) (20190322, 20191115)

Ambassador to China (20191116, 20200415)

3. Biodata:
Dr. Javid Ahmad Qaem's father was a Doktor. Qaem earned an executive master’s degree in management from Preston University of Pakistan and his M.D. at Kabul Medical University.  Qaem said he decided to interrupt his already successful career to seek a Fulbright because “the Fulbright is a prestigious scholarship. When he finishes his degree program at ASU, Qaem returned to Afghanistan, most likely to work in Kabul, where his parents and two brothers now live (his sister lives in the United States). He had never heard of Arizona State University (ASU) , and had no idea what Arizona was like, he quickly started doing research on what to expect when he arrived in January 2010 to begin studying for a master’s degree in public administration. Qaem, a development and project management specialist, possesses two master’s degrees; one in public administration and policy from Arizona State University (2010-2012) and the second in management of development from Turin University, Italy.(2014-2015)

He speaks Pashtu and English.


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