Afghan Biographies

Khenjani, Abdullah

Name Khenjani, Abdullah
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1988
Function/Grade Deputy state minister for peace
History and Biodata

1. Deputy state minister for peace, Coordination, Strategy & Policy:
Abdullah Khanjani (20201206)
2. Previous Function:
1TV program director (20131209)
News and current affairs director of 1TV (20151023)

1TV editor-in-chief (20190422) resigend (20191025)
Deputy state minister for peace (20201206)
3. Biodata:
Abdullah Azada Khenjani Abdullah Khanjani Abdullah Khinjani was born 1988 in Afghanistan. He received a Alexandros Petersen Scholarship (Kings College, London,UK) which is designed to provide the best and brightest students resident in Afghanistan, Central Asia, or the South Caucasus with the opportunity to continue onto a Masters programme in the Department of War Studies without the worry of financial constraint.

Abdullah Khenjani is the founder of the Democratic Society in Kabul, and an alumni of King's College, London University.


The Presidential Palace officials have apologized over the alleged assault of a senior journalist Abdullah Khenjani by the security guards of President Protective Service (PPS). Khenjani said that he was briefly detained, beaten, and his mobile was forcefully snatched and reviewed by the PPS guards.(20190422)

He speaks Dari and English

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