Afghan Biographies

Faiz, Mohammad Ajmal Gen

Name Faiz, Mohammad Ajmal Gen
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Provincial Police Commander Balkh
History and Biodata

1. Former Provincial Police Commanders:
GenLt Khan Mohammed,
Gen. Ekramudin (200506),
Gen Nasirudin Hamdard (20060912), Brig. Gen. Abdul Rauf Taj (20071002),
Gen. Sardar Muhammad Sultani (20080412- 2010424)
Gen. Esmatullah Alizai (20100425 - 20120219 )
Gen Muhammad Salim Ihsas Ehsas (20120924-20131101)
Gen Abdul Rahman Rahimi (20131102-20141202)
Gen Abdul Razaq (20150518)
Maj Gen Sayed Kamal Sadat (20150621, 20151030, 20161220, 20170128)
Maj Gen Mohammad Akram Sameh  (20180322-20190313)
Gen Abdul Raqib Mubariz (former CRU222 Commander) (20190314-20190409)
Gen Mohammad Ajmal Faiz (20190410, 20191214)
Deputy provincial police chief:
Brig. Gen. Abdul Raouf Taj Deputy and Mazar City Police chief (20090417, 20100803, 20110320),
Col Mohammad Hussain (20110601)
Col Abdul Razaq Qaderi Col Abdur Razzaq Qadiri Abdul Rizaaq Abdul Razaq Qadri Abdul Raziq Qaderi (20130221, 20140627, 20160528, 20170122, 20180112)

Public relation officer at Balkh provincial police headquarters:
Sher Jan Durrani Sherjan Durrani Police spokesman Zia Durrani (20100313, 20171109, 20180121)

Local Police Commander in Balkh Province:
General Mujtaba Patang (20090923),

Balkh criminal investigation police Chief:
Mohammad Zahir (20120209)
Salahuddin Sultan (20160720)

Police Chief Mazar-i-Sharif:
Said Kamal Sadat (20180430)

2. Previous Function:
Intelligence and investigative departments of the Ministry of Interior,
Commander of Special Forces’ 333 Unit
Commander of Special Forces’ 222 Unit
Provincial Police Commander Balkh (20190410, 20191214)

3. Biodata:
Gen Mohammad Ajmal Faiz Mohammad Ajmal Fayez Fayiz has a bachelor’s degree from an England university and he has a Ph.D. in the military field from Turkey. He has served in intelligence and investigative departments of the Ministry of Interior, commander of Special Forces’ 333 Unit and as commander of Special Forces’ 222 Unit.

Fayez is endorsed by Ata Mohammad Noor the Chief Executive of Jamiat-e-Islami party. Recently the government appointed General Abdul Raqib Mubaraz as Balkh police chief despite strong oppositions by Noor. The move led to hours of gunfire and chaos in Mazar-e-Sharif City. Following the chaos, the ministers of defense and interior met with Noor where they agreed on a “third option”. 


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