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Ahmadi, Ajmal Ahmady

Name Ahmadi, Ajmal Ahmady
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Minister of Commerce and Industry acting MoCI
History and Biodata

1. Former Ministers of commerce and industry MoCI:
Hedayat Amin Arsala (Nangarhar),
Dr. Mir Mohammad Amin Farhang (2006),
Wahidullah Sharani (2008),
Dr. Anwar-il Haq Ahady stepped down because Presidential Election 2014 (20100628 -20131000)
Mohammad Shakir Kargar Mohammad Shaker Kargar (20131225-20140930)
Mohammad Shakir Kargar acting Minister (201401001)
acting Minister of Commerce and Industry Muzamil Shinwari(20141212)
Humayoun Rasa (20150418)
Mrs Kamela Sidiqi (20181201 acting)
Ajmal Ahmady acting minister of industry and commerce (20190206)

Deputies Ministry Commerce, Trade and Industry:
Adib Farhadi (20100513 terminated),
Dr. Ghulam Mohammad Yalaqi Yelaqi Ailaqi Aylaqi (20100118, 20110424),
Dip. Eng Mutasil Komaki, Motasel Kumaki, Email:, Phone: +93 (0)799320300 Deputy Minister of Commerce (Industry), Secretary to the Minister (2008, 20100807, 20130116)
Muzamel Shinwari, Muzamil Shinwari Mozammel Shinwari, deputy minister for trade (20121120, 2013118, 20140128)
Commerce and Industry Deputy Minister Qurban Haqjo (20170320)
Mrs. Kamela Sediqi (20170529, 20180629)
Zahruddin Shirzada (20190109)
Mrs. Muqaddesa Yourish (20190325)

Commerce and Industries Ministry Spokesman:
Waheed Ghazi Khil Wahid Ghazi Khel Ghazihel Waheedullah Ghazikhail (20110604, 20121104)
Spokesperson to the Ministry of Commerce:
Musafir Qoqandi
Musafer Qoqandi (20150118, 20160705, 20170814)
Director General, International Trade, Ministry of Commerce:


2. Previous Function:
Adviser of President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai on financial and banking affairs (20170724-20190205)
Minister of Commerce and Industry acting (20190206)

3. Biodata:
Ajmal Ahmady has obtained two Masters degrees from Harvard University in the field of business administration as well as economy and public administration. Master of Economics and Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a Bachelors in Mathematics and Economics from UCLA. Ahmadi has eight years of experience in investment management with the newly established and small markets and has also worked with Booz Allen Hamilton, World Bank, EM Grouop, US Treasury Department and Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan.

He speaks Dari and English.

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Established 2019-02-06