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Pato Ghar District Daikundi Province

Name Pato Ghar District Daikundi Province
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Pato Ghar District Chief Daykundi Province :

Sayed Taher Ettemadi (20190128)


Pato was part of Gizab district of Uruzgan province before being declared an independent district and would be soon added to the organizational units of Daikundi province. The population is 70 per cent Hazara and 30 per cent Pashtun, with the Pashtun population concentrated in Tamazan and Pato villages (the district name comes from this village, which is also the official district centre). Gizab had long been a source of contestation: over whether it should belong to Uruzgan or Daikundi, and whether it should be split in two or not. The establishment of Pato as a separate district in June 2018, and the local discord that sowed, affected the security situation.(20180506)

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Established 2019-01-28