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Deh Rawood District Uruzgan Province Dehrawud

Name Deh Rawood District Uruzgan Province Dehrawud
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Deh Rawud Dih Rawud Dih Rawood Dihrawud Deh Rawud Dihrawud Deh Rawad District Chief:
Khalifa Sadaat Khalifa Sadat Saed Osman Sadat (20090303, 2010015)
Aminullah Khan Khaliqi Nayamatullah Khaliqi, Aminullah Kaliqi  (20120516, 20130128, 20140324)
Shah Mahmood (20160611)  Commander Mahmood is said to be an arch rival of the Taliban group and reportedly lost his eyes due to a bomb explosion planted by the Taliban militants. According to reports, this is the first time the Ministry of Interior has appointed a disabled individual as the district police chief in south of Afghanistan.(20161021)

District Police Chief:
1st Lt Omar Khan Ankalm (20090303, 20111223)
Shah Mohammad Shah (20160619) Shah Mahmood was killed in an armed attack near airport (20200630)
Jan Mohammad Karimi, police chief of Dehraud district (20201030)

Dihrawud district is of key importance. It controls vital North-South and East-West routes in Uruzgan. And it borders on Helmand, the province where Taliban fighters find themselves under increased pressure from mainly British NATO troops. The district also has a strong symbolic value. It was here that Hamid Karzai (pictured) began his march on Kandahar city in late 2001, his first steps on the path to the presidency. It's also here that the supreme leader of the Taliban, Mullah Omar, had strong family ties before most of his relatives had to leave.

The Taliban captured the Dihrawod district of central Uruzgan province after two months of fighting, an official said on Friday, November 13, 2020. District Police Chief Jan Mohammad Karimi said the Taliban captured district.

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