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Kohistani, Mohammad Anwar MG

Name Kohistani, Mohammad Anwar MG
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1959
Function/Grade Ex MoI Official
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Political Officer to the 554th Brigade of Ministry of Intelligence (NDS)
First Deputy in Intelligence Department at the Ministry of Interior Affairs for two years
Chief of the Cooperative Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs where he still serves. (2014)

3. Biodata:
Major Gen. Mohammad Anwar Kohistani was born in Kapisa province in the year 1959. Upon finishing his primary education at Mir Masjidi Khan High School, he joined the Military School in 1977 and graduating from the Military University in 1978. He achieved his Masters in 1998 from Peshawar University, Peshawar Pakistan. His Doctoral dissertation was on ‘Establishing the Political System within the Islamic Society’ which is a valuable book in understanding current difficult circumstances. He began his military career as Second Lieutenant in one of the GS Units in 1981. After serving two years he was chosen to begin his new assignment as one of the teacher at the Staff College (Officers Course).

Major General Mohammad  Anwar Kohistani, for misuse of authority and embezzling over 109,398,000  afghani (approximately $1.7 million) was sentenced to 11 years in  prison. Kohistani’s co-conspirators, Mohammad Amin, MOI Procurement  Officer at the Police Cooperative Fund, and Ghulam Ali Wahadat, MOI  Deputy Minister, were convicted and sentenced to 13 months and three years in prison, respectively.(2018)


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