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Darzab District Jawzjan Province

Name Darzab District Jawzjan Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief Taliban Leaders
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District Chief Daarzab Darzab District Jowzjan Province:
Gildi Morad Gidli Murad (20100506),
Ustad Mohammad Rahimi (20100823, 20110601),
Matiullah (20120507)
Asadullah Hashar Rahmatullah Hashar (20130307, 20130414, 20161006, 20170409) was injured in a bomb explosion.(20130527)

Acting district governor for Darzab, Baz Mohammad Dawar

Muhammad Dawar, Baz Mohammad Dawar, Baaz Mohammad Dawar (201706, 20180411)

Acting district governor for Darzab, Baz Mohammad DawarActing district governor for Darzab, Baz Mohammad Dawar (20170705)

District Police Chief:
Mohammad Ismayel Ismael (2012, 20171100)

Taliban Leaders:
Maulvi Naimatullah (Mullah Omar faction) (20100726), Taliban commanders, Qari Hikmat and Mufti Nemat, had combined forces and switched their allegiance to the Islamic State.(20170628) Nemat, who is also known as Mufti Nematullah Qaweem, the other Islamic State military commander, Maulavi Habib ul-Rahman, surrendered to the Afghan government forces, according to Abdul Hafiz Khashi, the deputy police chief of Jowzjan Province. The two leaders are brothers-in-law.(20180801)
Qari Rohullah and Qari Amanullah head two other factions (linked to the Tahir Youldash group) (20101216) Background: The Taliban are active in Darzaab and Qosh Tipa districts of Jawzjan Province where blasts and roadside explosions often target security personnel.
Qari Nasruddin (20120507)

Darzab District is the southwesternmost district in Jowzjan Province, Afghanistan. It borders Sheberghan District to northeast, Sar-e Pol Province to the west and Faryab Province to the south and west. The population is 52,800 (2012)
The governor of Darzab, confirmed that Taliban fighters overran the district just one day after Islamic State fighters attacked the administrative complex. According to a statement on Voice of Jihad, the Taliban “launched coordinated attacks on Darzab district center” and surrounding outposts in the early morning. Local officials on Wednesday June 21, 2017 said the Afghan forces regained control of the Darzab district of northern Jawzjan province.(20170621)

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