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Spinzar Hotel Kabul

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Spinzar Hotel Manager:
Abdul Karim Rahimzai (2018, 20210419)


Five storey building Spinsar Hotel Kabul Rooms and shared bathrooms alike are drab but clean. The 4th-floor restaurant is for visiting non-guests, for both the views and decent Afghan food. 25 rooms of Spinzar Hotel Kabul Spin Zar Hotel are used by IOM since September 2017 for max. two weeks shelter of deported Afghans from all over the world.
A night at the Spinzar including meals costs 1,000 Afghani, or just over 10 euros. The bill is picked up by the IOM, although the balance is deducted from the money deportees receive from the organisation following their return, a payment aimed at helping them get back on their feet. Those termed "voluntary returnees" receive more cash than those brought back completely against their will. But on the whole, the sums in question are just a few hundred euros – and that doesn’t go very far in any case.

Adress: Asamayi Wat, Kabol, Afghanistan
Phone: +93 79 944 5210

More Background:
The Spinzar Cotton Company, situated in Kunduz, northern Afghanistan, has branches all over the country. In pre-war Afghanistan it was one of the world's largest providers of cotton. The company also manufactured porcelain and ran luxury hotels and cinemas. The hotel has had many owners in recent decades. It was built in the mid-20th century and used to belong to the Spinzar Cotton Company, founded in the 1930s by the Afghan national bank. Back then, the Spinzar was still public property.


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