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Afghan government's critics including some former government officials announced a new alliance named "Mehwar Mardom Afghanistan" which means "Axis of Afghanistan People" here, local media reported.
Several officials of the former government of Hamid Karzai including presidential advisor on national security Rangin Dadfar Spanta and former spy chief Rahmatullah Nabil are the leading members of the newly formed opposition camp.
Lashing at government policies in its first meeting, a leading member of the newly formed alliance Spanta said: "Due to wrong foreign policy of the government, the world anti-terrorism front in Afghanistan has been scattered," the daily Afghanistan Times reported on Monday.
The Afghanistan-e-Ma daily covered the remarks of former spy agency's chief Rahmatullah Nabil and quoted him as saying: "We don't want to overthrow the government but want reforms."
Nabil also called upon the government to take steps to address all political, economic and social issues to find amicable solutions to all the problems by bringing reforms in all fields including security and defend organizations.
Another critic of government, Governor Atta Mohammad Noor, in a speech among his supporters on Sunday, repeated his demand for bringing reforms and warned, "Why should we remain silent when a certain circle crushes us?“ (20170717)

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Established 2017-08-15