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Qalandar District Khost Province

Name Qalandar District Khost Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief
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Qalandar District Chief:
Warikhman Gul Bashry (20170605)

Qalandar District  is situated in the western part of Khost Province. It borders Paktia Province to the west, Musa Khel District to the north and east and Nadir Shah Kot District to the south. The population is 9,100 (2006) The District is under Taliban control. Khost provincial council meanwhile confirmed government does not have control of Qalandar district. police forces, stationed in Khost Province and assigned to maintain security in Qalandar district, have reportedly not gone near the district in the past few years.(20170605)

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Established 2017-06-05