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New Line Organization (NLO)

Name New Line Organization (NLO)
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President New Line Organization (NLO:
Fahim Sediqi (20140207)

The  New  Line  Organization  (in  Dari,  Sazman  Khate  Naw) is  a  non-profitable  organization created in 2010 to respond current needs of Afghans in order to sustain,  strengthen and promote civic engagement, advocacy, education, researches, human  right,  peace  building,  good  governance   initiatives  and  tackle  humanitarian  crisis  in  Afghanistan.  This  organization  was  formed  according  to  the  willingne ss  of  the  community  in  a  view to deal with the present socio-civic problems in different  parts by understanding  and  sharing  the  problems  with  each  other  and  to  find  out  the  best  ways  of  solving problems through free discussion and to come together under an independent youth  run organization naming The  New Line Organization (NLO).
The  New  Line  Organization  (NLO)  is registered  at  the  Ministry  of  Justices  of Afghanistan  un der  the  Social  Organizations  Law.  NLO  provide  voluntarily  social  programs  services  to  Afghan  society  to  restore  peace,  educational  sustainability,  social welfare and society growth in the country.

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