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Natural Resources Monitoring Network (NRMN)

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Natural Resources Monitoring Network:
Ibrahim Jafar, membe, Email: afgeology(et) Phone: 0771079938 (20170128)
Javed Noorani Email: javed.noorani(et) Phone: 077949762

The Natural Resources Monitoring Network was founded on December 19th, 2012, with the inclusion of 18 important ecology oriented Afghan civil society activists and organizations (the members consist both male and female).The Natural Resources Monitoring Network (NRMN) is an independent, non for profit, non-political body dedicated to promoting the peaceful and sustainable extraction and utilization of natural resources (minerals, water and forest) in Afghanistan. Transparent, responsible, inclusive and sustainable development of natural resources in Afghanistanis the vision of the network. Currently the network has more than 70 individuals and organizations as members including Kabul, Logar, Bamyan, Behsood, Herat and Parwan communities working for monitoring effective, transparent, ecology friendly, and peaceful use of Natural Resources to bring sustainable development, economic growth and social welfare.





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