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Mohammad Wais Samimi, Brig Gen

Name Mohammad Wais Samimi, Brig Gen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Provincial Police Commander Uruzgan Oruzgan
History and Biodata

1. Former Provincial Police Commanders Uruzgan
Gen. Muhammad Qasim (20070504),
Brig. Gen. Gulab Khan (20081104),
Brig. Gen. Juma Gul Hemat (20090122-20110403),
Col Fazl Ahmad Sherzad Fazal (20110403-20110808)
Col Matiullah Khan Popolzai (20110808 - 20150319) killed
Brig. Gen. Tooryalai Abadyani. (20150528)
Brig Gen Mohammad Wais Samimi (20160630, 20160803, 20160924 fired)

Deputy Police Chief Uruzgan:
Colonel Mohammad Nabi Khan (20090106),
Mohammad Gulab Wardak (20091119),
Col Mohammad Aslam (20121228)
Col. Mohammad Salim (20130723)
Mohammad Aslam Kuchi(20140330)
Rahimullah Khan, Uruzgan deputy police chief, Popalzai tribe, Haji Khoda Raham Khan is a well-known tribal leader and Rahimullah’s uncle (20160505)

Provincial crimes branch police chief:
Col. Gulab Khan (20091121, 20110513,20120325),
Farid Ayel (20120324)
Gulab Khan, the provincial crime branch police chief (20140325) killed 20150425
Rahimullah (brother of killed Matiullah) 20150602

2. Previous Functions:
Operation Manager/Helmand 707 Zone, Ministry of Interior (20120201)
Deputy Security Chief Helmand
Provincial Police Commander Uruzgan Oruzgan

(20160630, 20160803, 20160924 fired)

3. Biodata:

The provincial police chief of southern Uruzgan province Mohammad Wais Samimi and provincial security chief Abdul Qawi were dismissed from his post after a steep rise in violence in the province. Abdul Qawi has been summoned to Kabul and Syed Saqib has been appointed to replace Abdul Qawi as the new police chief of the province. Abdul Qawi served as provincial police chief of Uruzgan for a period of 6 months and insists he had major achievements during the period.

But the local officials as well as the provincial council officials have said the security situation of the province deteriorated due to mismanagement of Abdul Qawi.(20160924)


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