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The following persons are among those working or having worked in MoFA based on Nepotism or/and without going through test, interview and other official formalities:

Son of Mohammad Younus Qanoni, former Wolesi Jirga speaker and first vice president.

Son of Omar Daudzai, former interior minister.

Son of MP Daud Kalakani.

Daughter of MP Rahela.

Son of Zahir Azimi, spokesman of Ministry of Defense.

Brother of MP Hamida Ahmadzai.

Son of former MP Sayed Hussain Anwari.

Brother of Anwarulhaq Ahadi, former trade and industry minister.

Brother of Farooq Wardak’, former education minister.

Son of Qayamuddin Kashaf, head of Afghanistan’s Ulama Council.

Daughter and son of Muhaiuddin Sahibzada, MoFA administrative affairs head  (Hamid Sahebzada deputy legal advisor and Shogufa Sahebzada working at Permanent Mission of Afghanistan to the United Nations, New York.)

Son of MP Mohammad Abdu.

Son of MP Qudratullah Zaki.

Daughter of MP Nazifa Zaki.

Nephew of Abdul Rab Rasoul Sayyaf, Jihadi leader and former MP.

Daughter and son of Noor Akbar, former MP.

Husband of MP Nilofar Ibrahimi.

Sister of MP Fouzia Raofi.

Brother of MP Aryan Youn.

Daughter of Amena Afzali, former labor and social affair minister.

Son of Mohammad Eshaq Alko, Attorney General.

Two daughters of Torialai Weesa, Kandahar’s acting governor.

Another source revealed a number of other officials, whose relatives work in MoFA are as under. 

Son of former Foreign Minister Zarar Ahmad Moqbil’s secretary is in Istanbul, Turkey.

Brother of Wolesi Jirga speaker is in New Delhi, India.

Husband of MP Nilofar Ibrahimi in Australia.

Brother of MP Nangialai and brother of Nangarhar police chief in Canada.

Abdul Salam, nephew of NDS official Eng. Ibrahim in Moscow.

Ahmad Shah Abdali, brother of Afghan ambassador to India in Istanbul.

Majid Karzai, nephew of former President Hamid Karzai.

Zabihullah Mujadidi, son of former President Sibghatullah Mujaddadi is ambassador in UAE.

 Son of former Jihadi leader Gilani was ambassador in Jordon.

Nephew of MP Nijrabi in Dubai.

Son of former general director of administrative affairs of the presidential palace Sadeq Modabir in Dubai.

Aneesa Akbari, daughter of Noor Akbari in New York.

Farid Bahmand, father-in-law of Jawed Ludin in Canada.

Daughter of Habiba Sadat is working in an embassy without having graduation documents.

Son of General Jurat in MoFA.

Brother of former first lady Zeenat Karzai Yama Quraishi in Washington.

Humayun Kamgar brother in law of Dr. Spanta.

Brother of MP Hazrat Ali in Dubai.

Son of Ismail Khan.

Son of Dr. Mushahid.

Grand son of former King Zahir shah in Italy since more than a decade. 

Son of former governor of Logar.

Brother of former Khost governor Abdul Jabar Naeemi in Belgium.

The source added most of the aforementioned individuals have forced their way to get key posts in MoFA have been appointed by former foreign affairs Minister Zarar Ahmad Usmani by trampling all rules and regulations.

Manizha Bakhtary was ambassador in Norway since five years.

Zahir Tanin was permanent representative of Afghanistan to UN since a decade.

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Established 2016-06-08