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High Council of Jihadi and National Parties CJNP

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High Council of Jihadi and National Parties (Shora-ye A’ali Ahzab Jihadi wa melli)  is a pro President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai political council.

The High Council of Jihadi and National Parties (CJNP) brings together jihadi figures that had supported President Ghani during his election campaign. Their support for Ghani was the only thing members of this council had in common when they first got together. Many of the council’s prominent members of this council actually serve in key governmental positions or are very close to the government, signalling that CJNP was never going to be a real opposition to the government. This was also reflected in the council’s aims, which according to Mujaddedi, were “to fight corruption, bring peace and to support the good work of the government and oppose any wrongdoings of the government.” This was clearly no declaration to challenge the government, but rather to support it while monitoring its actions. Even softer were the words of another CJNP member, Muhammad Karim Khalili, former second vice-president and leader of the largely Hazara Hezb-e Wahdat-e Islami, who actually sounded like he wanted a government job. The council would assist the government, he said, “at critical moments, and ensure the National Unity Government was not alone.”

Prominent council members include the president’s special representative for good governance and reform (a post on a par with a vice president position) Ahmad Zia Massud and two other presidential advisors, Qutbudin Helal and head of the mujahedin faction Hezb-e Harakat Islami, Sayyed Hussain Anwari (until his death on 5 July 2016). Khalil has a protégé, Muhammad Sarwar Danesh, serving as vice president, while his son, Muhammad Taqi Khalili is Afghan ambassador to Azerbaijan. The son of Anwari, Sayyed Khaliluh Anwari, and Ahmad Zia Massud’s son, Zubair Massud, are both working as advisers to the National Security Council. Two other council members, Pir Sayyed Ahmed Gailani and Khalili, initially unable to secure positions in the government, were both appointed by President Ghani as head and deputy head of the High Peace Council (HPC) soon after the CJNP was established. Mujaddedi seems to be the only prominent member of the CJNP who has not been offered any high-ranking governmental post (yet). (The only post he reportedly coveted, the head of the HPC, was given to his fellow council member, Gailani). His son, however, Esmatullah Mujaddedi, is adviser to the National Security Council on Islamic affairs. The CJNP, then, has acted, in practice, not as an opposition group, but rather as a vehicle for promoting its members to government jobs.(20161025)

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