Afghan Biographies

Menapal, Dawa Khan

Name Menapal, Dawa Khan
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Head of the Afghan government's media information centre
History and Biodata

Dawa Khan Meenapal
Mob: 0093700320093

2. Previous Functions:
Journalist Radio Azadi
Journalist Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (20081130)
Spokesman for the Provincial Governor in Kandahar Province (20140727)

Head of Information and Culture Department of Kandahar Province (20150429)
Deputy to the President's Spokesperson (20160403-20180531)
Head of the Afghan government's media information centre (GMIC) (20210806)

3. Biodata:
Dawa Khan Meenapal Minapal Dawa Khan Mena Pal hails from Zabul Province. He has completed his higher education in the field of law and political science in Kabul University. He was serving as journalist in Radio Azadi besides serving as head of Information and Culture of Kandahar province.
Taliban militants who had kidnapped Dawa Khan Menapal of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and Aziz Popal, who worked for a local TV station in Kandahar have released them after three days in captivity.  (20081130)

Dawa Khan Meenapal had announced his resignation to take part in the upcoming 2018 elections in Kadahar province.

Meenapal posted a statement on his official Facebook page on Tuesday May 29, 2018, stating that he will run for the parliamentary elections on behalf of the Nomads.

Dawa Khan Meenapal, head of the Afghan government's media information centre, has been assassinated in Kabul, the interior ministry said Friday Aug 6, 2021, days after the Taliban warned they would target senior administration officials in retaliation for increased airstrikes. Dawakhan Minapal was one of the strong advocates of the Afghan government and an opponent of the Taliban and their policies.


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