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Mohib, Hamdullah

Name Mohib, Hamdullah
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1983
Function/Grade Ex Chairman National Security Council NSC ONSC
History and Biodata

1.Former Chairmen National Security Council NSC Office of the Nationale Security Council ONSC:
Dr. Zalmai Rasool (2002-2009),
Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta (20100116 -20140930)
Hanif Atmar (20140930-20180825 resigned)
Dr. Hamdullah Mohib (20180825, 20181212)
Deputy to the National Security Adviser (8 Deputies since 20171212):
Atiqullah Nawsher, former deputy head of President’s Administrative Office (20171212)
Yasin Zia, former governor of Takhar,  (20171212)
Sayed Anwar Sadat
, close aide to the first vice president Abdul Rashid Dostum (20171212-20190424)
Gen. Din Mohammad Jurat (2017121220181002 fired)
Yama Karzai (20171212)

Mohammad Sulaiman Kakar 
(20171212, 20180411)
First Deputy NSC, resigned (20180825)
Hakim Nawrozi (deputy of the National Security Advisor for provincial affairs) (20171212)
Farid Mamoonzai (
acting deputy head of the National Security Advisor for policy affairs) ex Deputy Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) (20171212)
Din Mohammad Jurat  (20181002 fired)

Atiqullah Nawshir (20171212) worked in the President’s Administrative Office for at least one year.
Salim Shah Ibrahimi (20191224)  Technical deputy
Sayed Wahid Qatali (20191224)  Political and people’s deputy

Mohammad Hamid Tuhmasi (20191224) Inspector of NSC
Rafi Fazil (20191224) General director of NSA office

Mohammad Mahir Yaqoobi (20191224) Head of refining and development of security sector
Mohammad Raza Fazli (20191224) Head of coordination of national intelligence

Sayed Khadim Entizar (20191224) Head of peace and protection of civilians.

Abdul Moqim Abdulrahimzai
(20210802) Chief of Staff -- Office of the National Security Council

Deputy Strategic Relations Office of the National Security Council:
Wali Munawar (20190424)
Deputy of the Commander-in-Chief to the Office of National Security Council: 

Mohammad Hami Tahmasi who replaced Gen. Yaseen Zia who is currently serving as deputy defense minister.(20190424)

Ex second Deputy for office of advisor of National Security Council:
Mohammad Ibrahim Qasimi (20140314)

Head of media relations at the National Security Council office:

Hashmatullah Nateq Hashmatullah Natiq (20200713)

NSC's spokesman:
Tawab Ghorzand (20151124, 20160530)
ONSC spokesman Qadir Shah Qader Shah (20170605, 20171212, 20180923)
Deputy spokesman for the Office of National Security Council:
Kabir Wasiq (20190202)

Tariq Aryan (20181116, 20190213)
Director of Information Collection and Coordination in the office of the Security Council:
Brig Gen Tariq Shah Bahrami (20151023)
Adviser : Zubair Massoud (201410-201610)
Adviser for strategic relations at the Afghan National Security Council:

Abasin Barial (20190321)
Advisor to Hamdullah Mohib:

Bashir Safi (20190417)

Office of the National Security Council for sensitive issue of peace, protection of civilians, and responding to the needs of the fallen soldiers:
Shahrzad Akbar (20190424)

The Afghan government has made new appointments in the key National Security Council Office The newly appointed members include Mohammad Sulaiman Kakar as deputy chief of ONSC development and public affairs, Gen. Yama Karzai as deputy chief to review the strategic threats and information, Abdul Hakim Noorzai as internal audit deputy.
Gen. Khaliq Khan Sarwari as deputy chief of ONSC for the armed forces, Gen. Bahadurshah Ahmadi as deputy chief of the armed forces and to manage and organization information, Gen. Dawran as deputy chief of the armed in the field of providing support to the Afghan Air Force.
Gen. Khudaidad as the head audit of the armed forces head command, Gen. Wilayat Shah Bahrami as deputy head of the audit of the armed forces command, and Mohammad Saleh as deputy chief for strategic planning of the armed forces command.(20170412)

The coordination center of information of National Security Council (Tawheed) was inaugurated (20150422)

the centre would be of immense importance during special operations for coordination among various security organs and foreign troops. - See more at:
the centre would be of immense importance during special operations for coordination among various security organs and foreign troops. - See more at:

The centre is of immense importance during special operations for coordination among various security organs and foreign troops.


Considering the leadership role of Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the National Security Council of Afghanistan has been created on the basis of Article 64 of the Constitution.

The National Security Council, led by the President, is the supreme institution entrusted with the authority of making decisions regarding national security, national interests, territorial integrity and national sovereignty. High-ranking government, civilian, military and security officials are members of the Council who perform their duties and responsibilities in line with constitutional provisions.

The Council defines, identifies and evaluates those domestic and foreign issues threatening national security and national interests and makes decisions accordingly. The Council, chaired by the President usually holds one meeting in a week to evaluate national security and approves policies, strategies, procedures and programs pertinent to security. Taking into account the security situation of the country, the Council calls for extraordinary meetings.


Composition of the National Security Council:


First Vice-President

Second Vice-President

Chief Executive

Special envoy of the President for Reform and Good Governance

First Deputy to Chief Executive

Second Deputy to Chief Executive

National Security Advisor

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Defense

Minister of Interior

Minister of Finance

Head of National Security

Chief of Army Staff, Ministry of Defense

Head of Administrative Office of the President

Head of Independent Directorate of Local Governance


The President is vested with the authority of increasing or decreasing membership of the National Security Council as the circumstances may render it necessary.


2. Previous Functions Hamdullah Mohib:
Motech Ltd. U.K, Director (2011)
CTO & Assistant Professor at The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) (20120816)
Brunel University Centre for Media Communications Research (CMCR) Middelsex, United Kingdom
Brunel University London, Uxbridge, Reserachwork (2014)
acting Spokesperson for President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (20150525)

Deputy Chief of Staff to the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (20150606)
Director General and Head of Programs for President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (20150613)
Ambassador to USA United States of America (20150910-20180825)
National Security Council NSC ONSC Chairman (20180825, 20181212)


3. Biodata:

Dr. Hamdullah Mohib was born 1983 in Afghanistan. He was the youngest of 11 children in his family. As a young boy he lived in a refugee camp in Pakistan during Russian occupation. When the Russians came his family went back to Afghanistan.  But the civil war broke out and the family again fled to Pakistan.  As a Teenager at the age of 16 he was send to England to ecape the Taliban. His father was a court clerk in Kabul.

He was a senior aide Director of Social Media Strategy to Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai during the 2014 presidential election. Currently he is a PhD candidate at Brunel University, specializing in 3D video communication and also has been director of Information Technology faculty at American University of Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani has potentially a greater problem, according to Hamdullah Mohib who first met Ghani some years ago in London. It's his belief in smashing the old Afghan tradition of nepotism. Hamdullah, says that like many Afghans, he initially supported Hamid Karzai. He wonders now if expectations were perhaps too high, given that the country was a Grade A Basket Case when Hamid Karzai took over in 2002. The president has failed because of "the lack of planning [that has] left many flaws in the system which have now become a cancer to the government - such as the administrative corruption," says Hamdullah. "No one can deny that Karzai is a very charismatic leader who has done a lot for the country, but I think he has exhausted his resources, and Afghans are ready for a change." Mohib worked on Ghani’s unsuccessful 2009 campaign, and in 2014 he became a top adviser. After the election, Ghani made Mohib his deputy chief of staff, then named him Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the United States. The appointment rankled senior politicians, as if Ghani had given the post to an errand boy. Ghani was signalling the eclipse of the generation of Afghans who had made their names fighting the Soviets and one another.

Hamdullah Mohib, has been included in the World Economic Forum's 2018 list of most promising leaders under 40 years of age.(20180512)


David Hale — the U.S. undersecretary of state for political affairs — told President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai by phone that Mohib would no longer be received in Washington and that U.S. civilian and military officials would not do business with him.(20190319)

Mohib is a british citizen and married to a american woman, Lael Adams (Mohib), who was born 1987. Lael Adams was the chief of staff at the American University in Kabul. They have a three year old daughter (2016).

Since fleeing Afghanistan in August 2021 Mohib has kept a low profile, exiled first in the United Arab Emirates and now, reunited with his family, in the United States.(20220122)

Hamdullah Mohib speaks Pashto Dari/Farsi, Urdu/Hindi and English


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