Afghan Biographies

Mohib, Hamdullah

Name Mohib, Hamdullah
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1983
Function/Grade Ambassador to USA
History and Biodata

1. Former Ambassadors to the USA:
Is’haq Shahryar Said Tayeb Jawad (2003 - 20100800 fired),
Eklil Ahmad Hakimi (20110217 - 20150127)
Hamdullah Mohib (20150910)

Staff as of 20170301:
Hamdullah Mohib (PhD)                               Ambassador                       
Ramin Manawi                                              Liaison, State Dept, Think Tanks                              
Abdul Nafay Sana                                         Liaison, Congress                           
Fazulrahman Fazilyar                                   Counselor (Economic Affairs)    
Sayed Zafar Hashemi                                   Liaison, Congress            
Habibullah Habibi                                         Consul                  
Redwan Balagh                                            Visa Section         
Fayeq Wahedi                                              Legal Section                       
Ahmad Shah Katawazai                               Liaison, Defense                             
Mesbahulhaq Aini                                         Admin & Finance                             
Mrs. Farhat Hassanzoi                                 Liaison, Latin American Countries                           
Abdullah Khodadad                                      Passport Section                               
Omeed Stanikzai                                          Passport Section                               
Saiferahman Faqeerzada                             Visa Section        
Sayed Mohammad Akbar Sultani                 Consulate Admin              
Majeedullah Qarar                                        Cultural Attaché                                
Said Mubin Shah Musamam                        Commercial Attaché                        
Islamudin Ahmadzai                                     Press and Public Relations


Staff as of 20160608:

Dr. Hamdullah Mohib             Ambassador         
Mrs. Hila Nawa Alam             Minister Counsellor     202-483-6410 ext.8030
Ramin Manawi                       Counselor         202-298-9125 ext: 8025
Abdul Nafay Sana                  Counselor         202-483-6410 ext.8020
Mrs. Madina Qasimi               First Secretary     202-483-6410 ext. 8004
Redwan Balagh                      First Secretary     202-298-9125 ext. 8013
Habibullah Habibi                   First Secretary     202-298-9125 ext. 9123
Fayeq Wahidi                         First Secretary     202-483-6410 ext.
Ahmad Shah Katawazai        Second Secretary     202-483-6410 ext. 8022
Nazir Yama Quraishi             Second Secretary     202-298-9125 ext: 8038
Sayed Mohammad Akbar Sultani    Second Secretary     202-483-6410 ext. 8033
Abdul Wali Walid                   Third Secretary     202-483-6410 ext. 8019
Mrs. Hadeia Amiry                 Third Secretary     202-483-6410 ext. 8011
Mrs. Farhat Hassanzoi          Third Secretary     202-298-9125 ext. 8013
Saiferahman Faqeerzada      Third Secretary     202-483-6410 ext. 8036
Javid Ahmad                          Advisor to the Ambassador     202-320-6416
Ahmad Farid Haidari             Cultural Attaché     202-483-6410 ext: 8010
Said Mubin Shah Musamam  Commercial Attaché     202-483-6410 ext.8008
u/i                                          Receptionist


Staff as of 20150910:

Ramin Manawi Counselor        
Ms. Madina Qasimi First Secretary
Habibullah Habibi     First Secretary
Redwan Balagh First Secretary
Nazir Yama Quraishi Second Secretary
Ahmad Shah Katawazai     Second Secretary
Sayed Mohammad Akbar Sultani Second Secretary
Abdul Wali Walid     Third Secretary
Ms. Hadeia Amiry     Third Secretary
Ms. Farhat Hassanzoi     Third Secretary
Saiferahman Faqeerzada     Third Secretary
Ahmad Farid Haidari     Cultural Attaché
Said Mubin Shah Musamam     Commercial Attaché         
Hamid Farhad     Protocol Officer
Ahmad-Bilal Askaryar Communications and Outreach Liaison
Ms. Amanda Shaw Public Relations officer

Embassy Staff before 20150910:

  Ahmad Zahir Faqiri Minister    
  Mirwais Nab Minister Counselor    
  Zemary Azami Counselor    
  Abdul Hakim Atarud Counselor    
  Mirwais Samadi Counselor    
  M. Ashor Azimi First Secretary    
  Mrs. Madina Qasimi First Secretary    
  Mortaza Haqjo Second Secretary    
  Farhad Roien Second Secretary    
  Bijan Paya Taheri Second Secretary    
  Ahmad Shah Daud Second Secretary    
  Mrs. Hadeia Amiry Third Secretary    
  Mrs. Angiza Nasiree Third Secretary    
  Mrs. Ghazal Hassan Third Secretary    
  Sikandar Noori Third Secretary    
  Shakib Noori Commercial Attaché    
  Abid Amiri Economic Affairs Officer    
  Ahmad Farid Haidari Cultural Attaché    
  Mrs. Monik Markus Ambassador's Assistant    
  Mrs. Sharifa Abbasi Legal and Legislative Officer    
  Mrs. Elaha Rahmani Events Manager    
  Mrs. Kelsey Glover Media and Public Affairs Director

2. Previous Functions:
Motech Ltd. U.K, Director (2011)
CTO & Assistant Professor at The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) (20120816)
Brunel University Centre for Media Communications Research (CMCR) Middelsex, United Kingdom
Brunel University London, Uxbridge, Reserachwork (2014)
acting Spokesperson for President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (20150525)

Deputy Chief of Staff to the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (20150606)
Director General and Head of Programs for President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (20150613)
Ambassador to USA United States of America (20150910)

3. Biodata:

Hamdullah Mohib was born 1983 in Afghanistan. He was the youngest of 11 children in his family. As a young boy he lived in a refugee camp in Pakistan during Russian occupation. When the Russians his family went back to Afghanistan. But the civil war broke out and the family again fled to Pakistan. As a Teenager at the age of 16 he was send to England to ecape the Taliban. His father was a court clerk in Kabul. He was a senior aide Director of Social Media Strategy to Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai during the 2014 presidential election. Currently he is a PhD candidate at Brunel University, specializing in 3D video communication and also has been director of Information Technology faculty at American University of Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani has potentially a greater problem, according to Hamdullah Mohib who first met Ghani some years ago in London. It's his belief in smashing the old Afghan tradition of nepotism. Hamdullah, says that like many Afghans, he initially supported Hamid Karzai. He wonders now if expectations were perhaps too high, given that the country was a Grade A Basket Case when Hamid Karzai took over in 2002. The president has failed because of "the lack of planning [that has] left many flaws in the system which have now become a cancer to the government - such as the administrative corruption," says Hamdullah. "No one can deny that Karzai is a very charismatic leader who has done a lot for the country, but I think he has exhausted his resources, and Afghans are ready for a change." Mohib worked on Ghani’s unsuccessful 2009 campaign, and in 2014 he became a top adviser. After the election, Ghani made Mohib his deputy chief of staff, then named him Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the United States. The appointment rankled senior politicians, as if Ghani had given the post to an errand boy. Ghani was signalling the eclipse of the generation of Afghans who had made their names fighting the Soviets and one another.

Hamdullah Mohib, has been included in the World Economic Forum's 2018 list of most promising leaders under 40 years of age.(20180512)

He is a british citizen and married to a american woman, Lael Adams (Mohib), who was born 1987. Lael Adams was the chief of staff at the American University in Kabul. They have a three year old daughter (2016).

Hamdullah Mohib speaks Pashto Dari/Farsi, Urdu/Hindi and English

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