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Khaze, Ghulam Naser

Name Khaze, Ghulam Naser
Ethnic backgr. Aimaq
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Governor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Provincial Governor Ghor (20151221, 20170113)
3. Biodata:
Ghulam Naser Khaze Ghulam Nasir Khaze Ghulam Naser Khazea, originally from Herat province, has been appointed as the new provincial governor of Ghor. Khaze replaces Seema Joyenda who was recently re-appointed as the deputy governor of Kabul.(20151221) Khaze was heading the 2014 campaign for Dr. Abdullah Abdullah during the presidential election.

The Herat DRRD Service Providers Catalog (SPC) Focal Point, Ghulam Saeed Khaze, officially established the SPC Committee on April 22nd, 2014. The committee consists of representatives of 36 governmental organizations including the DRRD, the Education Department, Economy Department and Herat University. A total of 270 SPCs were distributed to the committee. The Committee will use the SPC to provide information to the people about the available services in the SPC. (20140422)

He speaks Dari and English

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