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Medical Management and Research Courses Afghanistan (MMRC-A)

Name Medical Management and Research Courses Afghanistan (MMRC-A)
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Owner of MMRC-A):
Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz (19890809)
Dr. Stanikzai (2009-201402)
Dr. Lailuma (201402-)

The Ministry of Commerce and Industries recently announced on its website that a multimillion dollars contract for the delivery of health services to residents of nine districts of southern Ghazni had been awarded to the Medical Management and Research Courses Afghanistan (MMRC-A), directed by (Minister of Public Health) Dr. Fairozuddin, son of Ghulam Mohiuddin.  MMRC-A registered with the Ministry of Commerce on Aug. 9, 1989 under the name of Fairozuddin Fairoz (Dr. Ferozuddin Feroz Firuzuddin Firuz).

On the basis of the NGOs list provided by the Grants and Service Contracts Management Unit (GCMU), MMRC-A was awarded the contract on July 1, 2015 for delivering health services in Maqur, Gilan, Aab-i-Band, Giru, Qara Bagh, Andar, Deh Yak and Zankhan districts of Ghazni. Under the agreement, the organisation would work in the province until June 2018 as part of the Basic Package of Health Services for Afghanistan (BPHS). Meanwhile, an official of the ministry claims the NGO still belongs to Dr. Fairoz and its activities are being handled with the help of Hidayatullah Stanikzai and Dr. Lailuma. A former official of the ministry, requesting anonymity, recalls the health services were previously delivered by the Sanayee Development Organisation (SDO) before the contract was granted to MMRC-A. SDO Director Raz Mohammad Dalili said says organisation had been working for 12 years in Ghazni. But MMRC-A got the contract in Jan. 2015 when Soraya Dalil was minister of public health. MMRC-A practically started it services in June this yearn.

For reasons unknown SDO were not shortlisted again for providing health services in Ghazni. With 12 years of experience in the field, SDO did not expect to be treated in this manner. The organisation selected has not enough experience and could not deliver services as effectively as we did,” he commented. Dr. Mir Islam Sayed,GCMU head at the Ministry of Public Health, says a contract is granted to an organisation after the quality of its services, equipment and staff is evaluated for nine months. MMRC-A won the contract as it got the highest marks in the assessment. Lailuma says the contract for health service delivery is for three year. It is worth   more than $5 million provided by the World Bank (WB). But the WB spokesman in Afghanistan, Abdul Rauf Zia, says the contract is worth $5.3 million.According to the ministry, Fairoz was delivering consultancy services between 2005 and 2014 for the WB, Unites States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the UK’s DepartmentforInternational Development (DFID) and worked as deputy minister of public health (planning affairs).

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