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Dutch Ambassador to Afghanistan, Henk Jan Bakker, recently inaugurated the Dutch-Afghan Mido Dairy factory in Kabul.

The factory has the capacity to produce 40,000 liters of yogurt and is designed as per the Dutch standards of dairy production.

According to a statement from the officials, the factory can have significant impact on creation of employment for the youth in the rural areas. The factory can employ 100 workers when fully operational and can create approximately 200 jobs for retailers, distributors, suppliers and other business partners in Kabul region.

The owners want to set up a milk collection system in the upcoming three years for 500 to 700 farmers.(20151118)

Mirwais Momand MSc Founder, President Mido Dairy (20120119)
Mido Dairy , 1 Chahar Asyab, Kabul, 98 employees, established Jan 1, 2012.
Mido Dairy, Tilburg Netherlands

More Background:

Afghanistan is a major consumer of dairy products, but unfortunately, 97 % percent of all dairy is imported. During the civil war, the dairy industry was in fact destroyed. Mido Dairy Production Co.Ltd , Van den Heuvel Dairy & Food Equipment and PUM Netherlands senior experts have joined together to set the largest factory for pasteurized milk in Afghanistan. The project will create 100 direct and indirect jobs for retailers, transporters and farmers. Mido Dairy wants to set up an experimental dairy farm in 2016 in which knowledge can be gained and where 100 to 200 local farmers can be trained. In the long term, local ownership of farmers would increase by distributing cattle among them, based on a microfinance loan. Short-term will this project be able to make approximately 200 farmers economically independent. The focus is on supporting and training of women and young people. Dairy is usually held within the walls of a farmhouse and an ideal job for women who do not want to go out.

This project is unique in its size, composition and long- term vision for a country like Afghanistan. This project will not only give the destroyed dairy sector in Afghanistan a new lease of life, but also offer farmers and young people an alternative to build their own living. In addition, the project will increase local ownership and bring better quality products on the market that enhance the health of consumers. Zijlstra Architects made ​​the drawings for the realization of this project.

Project period 01-07-2014 to 30-09-2014
Afghanistan Cordaid is setting up a fresh milk supply chain to supply the MIDO Dairy Factory in Kabul. We work to improve the productivity of local dairy farmers by supporting them to increase the quantity and quality of the milk production, and setting up a cooled distribution system to provide high quality milk to the factory. The first step is to do an assessment about milk production around Kabul. Cordaid aims to help farmers to increase the quality and quantity of their milk production, and connect them to the market, in order to raise farmer income and increase the availability of milk on the local market. By strengthening farmer organizations we aim to improve the self-sustainability of farmers and reduce breeding ground for conflict. The aim of this first stage is to gather information about milk production in the region around Kabul.

Mise en œuvre : Org. f. Sustainable Integrated Development - OSID

Financement : Cordaid ; Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Total budget : € 14,905
Funding through Cordaid : € 14,905



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