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Eshaq, Jamaluddin

Name Eshaq, Jamaluddin
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Provincial Governor Badghis
History and Biodata

1. Former Governors of Province Badghis
Muhammed Arefi (from Ab Kamari) (2001)
Azizullah Afzali, Enayatullah Enayat (200505),
Mohammad Nasim Tokhi (20070523),
Mohammad Ashraf Nasiri Nasery (200907),
Jan Arman Dilbar Shinwari (20090500 - 20120919),
Mohammad Tahir Sabari (20120920-20130504)
Ahmadullah Alizai (20130505 -20150900)
Jamaluddin Eshaq (20150920- )

Deputy Badghis Governor:
Abdul Ghani Sabary Sabari (20090120, 20110508),

Provincial governor's spokesman:
Sayed Sharafuddin Majeedi Majidi (20110121)
Mirwais Mirzakwal (20130827)

Rural development department head:
Syed Rassoul Akbari Sayed Rasool Akbar (20120412, 20140111)

Public health director :
Abdul Aziz (20110603)
Abdul Latif (20170202)

Irrigation director:
Eng. Mohammad Yaqub (20111014)

Head of Badghis Agriculture Department:
Hafizullah Binesh (20111023)
Director Information and Culture:
Said Agha Erfaq (20081024)
Hafizullah Binish (20111125)

Ahmad Ihsan Sarooryar (2012,2013) was detained after he was accused by Wolesi Jirga’s Audit Commission of misusing his position. He was also accused of administrative graft by the High Office for Oversight and Anti-Corruption in the western zone. He is currently under interrogation.(20130610)

Head of High Peace Council, Badghis province
Hajji Mohammad Salim (2012) escaped unhurt the attempt on his life during a meeting with two armed opposition groups in Qadis district when armed men hurled few hand grenades and fled away.(20130423)

2. Previous Functions of Jamaluddin Eshaq:

Provincial Governor Badghis (20150920-)

3. Biodata:
Jamaluddin Eshaq, Dr. Jamaluddin Ishaq, a Pashtun (also reported to be an ethnic Tajik), is one of the less-known Governor appointees of  President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai. According to a former member of parliament from Badghis, he may be a member of the Afghan Millat political party, a Pashtun nationalist party that has been led for a long time by Anwar ul-Haq Ahadi, one of President Ghani’s advisors and campaign supporters.(20150920)

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