Afghan Biographies

Mansur, Abdul Latif Mansoor

Name Mansur, Abdul Latif Mansoor
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1968
Function/Grade Minister of Energy and Water
History and Biodata

1. Former Minister of Water and Energy Minister of Energy and Water Minister of Water and Power MoWP MoEW:
Mohammad Ismael Khan (2004-2009)
nominated Minister of Water and Energy  20120215
Ismael Khan Minister of Water and Energy stepped down because Presidential Election 2014 (20120305 - 20131000)
Mohammad Arif Noorzai (20131028-20140930)
Mohammad Arif Noorzai acting Minister of Water and Energy (20141001)
acting Minister of Water and Power Ghulam Faruq Qarizadeh (20141209)
Eng Ali Ahmad Osmani (20150418 - 20180609)
acting Minister of Water and Energy MeW Mohammad Gul Khulmi, was appointed as acting minister (20180609-20190524)

Tahir Sharan acting (20190529)
Khan Mohammad Takal acting (20200109)
Abdul Latif Masoor (20211005) acting

Spokesman of the ministry:
Akhtar Mohammad Nusrat (20211221)

Deputy Minister:
Eng Mujib-ur-Rehman Omar Mujibur Rahman Omari, (20211005)

  • Maulvi Arefullah Aref, deputy minister of energy and water (20211122)

Deputy Water and Energy Minister:
Kamaluddin Nizami (20070408)
Shujauddin Ziayee (20111022)
Eng. Amanullah Ghaleb Amanullah Ghalib (20160524, 20170203)
Abdul Baseer Azimi Abdul Basir Azimi (20170215, 20170904) Abdul Basir Azemi, deputy head of the administration and finance department (20180128 suspended)
Mohammad Gul Khulmi, deputy minister of energy and water for energy, was appointed as acting minister (20180609) resigned (20200109)
Khan Mohammad Takal (20181012) was appointed as acting Minister (20200109)
Eng Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Omar (20210921)

Advisor to the Minister of Water and Energy:

Mohammad Yahya Hazem (20180421)

Ministry of Water and  Energy Location:
Kabul Address: Address Darullaman main Road, Kabul, Afghanistan Office Email: . Office Phone: 020- 240 1303

Deputy Minister:
Engineer Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Omar (20211005)

2. Previous Functions:
Minister of Agriculture of the Taliban regime (20010131)
Commander of the Mansoor network in Paktika and Khost (201005)
Akhtar Mansur’s ‘chief of staff’ Latif Mansur (not related by tribe or family to the new Taleban leader) (20150707)
Member of Taliban Negotiation team (20200913)
Minister of Water and Energy (20210907) acting

3. Biodata:

Abdul Latif Mansur Abdul Latif Mansoor was born 1968 Garda Saray District, Paktia Province . He is a nephew of Nasrullah Mansoor and belongs to Sahak Ghilzai tribe . He was listed on 31 January 2001 as Minister of Agriculture of the Taliban regime so falling within the provisions of resolutions 1267 (1999) and 1333 (2000) of the United Nations Security Council regarding acts and activities of the Taliban authorities. Abdul Latif Mansur was a member of the Taliban Supreme Council and Head of the Council’s Political Commission as of 2009.

He was the Taliban shadow governor of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, in 2009 and the Head of the Taliban's political commission as at mid-2009. As at May 2010, Abdul Latif Mansur was a senior Taliban commander in eastern Afghanistan. Abdul Latif Mansur is thought to have led the Peshawar shura. It was led by Maulvi Abdul Kabir before his arrest in Pakistan in February 2010. Sheikh Mohammed Aminullah is thought to  have led the Peshawar shura. He replaced Abdul Latif Mansur sometime in early 2011.

More Background:

Abdul Latif Mansoor is a former Minister of Agriculture during the Taleban’s Emirate and nephew of Nasrullah Mansur, who led a mujahedin party against the Soviet occupation called Harakat-e Inqilab-e Islami (Islamic Revolution Movement). As an Andar Pashtun from Zurmat district in Paktia, he is one of the few non-southern Pashtuns in the Taleban leadership. Mansur is ‘chief of staff’ to the Taleban leadership (Akhtar Mansur?) and secretary of the Leadership Council. A distant relative described his job as overseeing the council’s all 12 commissions and organisational departments. Before the news about Mullah Omar’s death, some analysts with knowledge of the Taleban structure considered him as holding the number three position of the Taleban.

Militarily, Taleban groups loyal to Mansur operate in south-eastern Afghanistan under the Taleban military hierarchy, not as a parallel to the Haqqani ‘network’, but as uneasy comrades. Their areas of control have overlapped and there have been scuffles at times. Until 2009, Mansur was the head of the Peshawar Shura and of the Political Commission. In that year, he was arrested by the Pakistani authorities for talking about peace with the then head of UNAMA, Kai Eide. Him, six years later, being escorted to the first ‘official’ talks with the Afghan government is quite ironic, with Pakistan today favouring at least the appearance of wanting a political settlement in Afghanistan (albeit one that it controls). Mansur has been described by various family and Taleban sources as someone who has rejected ISI offers of partnership and resisted its efforts to court him. He was the only one, according to the Qatar office sources, mentioned to Pakistani officials by Akhtar Mansur as due to attend the Murree meeting.(20150805)



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