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Three Afghan Taliban Splinter Groups as of 23 July 2015

Name Three Afghan Taliban Splinter Groups as of 23 July 2015
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Afghan Intelligence – National Directorate of Security (NDS) said in November 2014 that Mullah Omar has possibly passed away amid reports that the group has divided into three different parts.Reports also circulated 2014 suggesting that Mullah Omar has given his old friend and deputy Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor the authority to make decisions on his behalf regarding the peace process.

NDS spokesman Hasib Sediqi told reporters during a press conference on 19th November 2014 that senior Taliban figures have divided into three groups due to the major differences they have.

The first group is led by Mullah Qayum Zakir and Tayeb Agha is a member along with Hafiz Majeed, Amir Khan Haqqani, Mullah Mohammad Esa, Khadim Abdul RAuf, Zia Agha and Torak Agha.

The second group is led by Mullah Agha and Mullah Samad Sani, Mawlavi Nani, Sadar Ibrahim, Sheikh Mawlavi Abdul Hakimand Mawlavi Mohibulalh are members.

The third group is comprised of neutral Taliban leaders.

On the other hand, officials in ARG presidential palace said Mullah Omar was in custody of the Pakistani security forces in Karachi city of Pakistan.

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