Afghan Biographies

Azizi, Lutfullah Maulvi

Name Azizi, Lutfullah Maulvi
Ethnic backgr. Uzbek
Date of birth 1972
Function/Grade Provincial Governor Jawzjan
History and Biodata

1. Former Governor of Jowzjan:
Ahmad Khan Ishchi
Roz Mohammad Nur (2004)
Joma Khan Hamdard (20070528),
Mohammad Hashim Zare Hashem Zahre Zaray (2008 - 2010),
Mohammed Aleem Sayee Mohammad Alam Sai (20100509, 20130624)
Abdul Rahman Mahmoodi acting governor (20130624)
Alhaj Baymorad Qoyunly, Bai Murad (20130700)
Maulvi Lutfullah Azizi Jawzjan (20150701, 20170207)
Abdulhai Hayat, Dr. Abdullah appointed "acting governor" (20200223)

Deputy Governor:
Mohhamad Karim Azimi (2004)
Faqir Mohammed Jowzjani Fakir Muhammad Jawzjani (2008, 20100726, 20111017)
Eng. Abdur Rahman Mahmoodi  Abdurahman Mahmudi Abdul Rahman Mahmoudi Eng. Abdur Rahman Mahmodi (20130122, 20141217, 20171105)
Abdul Qader, deputy governor of Jawzjan (20200520)
Reza Ghafori Mohammad Raza Ghafoori (20170215, 20171129)

Public health director:
Dr. Rahmatullah Haidari was caught red handed receiving 10,000 afghanis ($200) from a Shiberghan resident in return for a pharmacy licence. The governor Sayee claimed that he was forced 2011 into endorsing Haidari’s appointment by some Wolesi Jirga members, public health ministry officials and the provincial council head.(20120805)

Director of the Media Department of Haj and Islamic Affairs:
Maulvi Wali Mohammd Shibani (20110328)

Director Department of Information and Culture:
Azimullah Rahmaneyar (20110330)

Director Education Department:
Mohammed Ismael Mushfiq, Press Official and Nawa-e-Kushar Newspaper Editor (20110330)
Abdul Hai Yasheen (20171009)

Director Rural Rehabilitation and Development:
Eng. Mahyar Siddiqui (20110418)
Eng. Mohammad Yusuf Sayed (20110629)

Director revenue department:
Mohammad Rassoul Anwari (20111001)

Provincial Women's Affairs Director:
Najiba Qurishi (20111016)

Traffic Department chief:
Col. Mohammad Ikram Elyar (20111122)
Director Department of Irrigation:
Ghulam Sakhi Amini (2012)
Director Department of Agriculture:
Eng. Abdul (Rashid)
Director of Urban Development:
Eng. Hussain (2012)
Director ANDMA:
Eng Azizulrahman Aimaq (2012)
Director ARSC:
Abdul Ghafar (2012)
AIHRC Chief for Jawzjan and Sar-i-Pul Provinces:
Mrs. Maghfirait Samimi (20130413)

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah's Stability and Partnership team appointed Abdul Hai Hayat, a provincial council member of Jawzjan province as the governor of the province on February 23, 2020 while the government’s governor for the province, Lutfullah Azizi, also continues his job.

Some sources say Azizi is currently in capital Kabul.

Bashir Ahmad Tayanj, spokesman of Junbish-i-Islami Afghanistan, said that Hayat was in the guest house of the political party.

Some government organs in Jawzjan say Hayat’s orders are not valid in local departments.(20200310)

2. Previous Functions of Maulvi Lotfullah Azizi:
Takhar Provincial Council chief (20080120)
Provincial Governor Jawzjan (20150701, 20170207)
3. Biodata:
Al-haj Mawlawi Mohammad Lotfullah Azizi was born 1972 in Taloqan, Takhar Province. He has BA degree in Islamic Studies. He was a canidate in 2005 Provincial Council Elections Takhar an won a seat in Provincial Council. He could not bag a seat in the 2010 Wolesi Jirga Election. He is a member of Jombesh-e Melli Islami, the political party/military faction headed by First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum and is therefore a Governor appointee from the Ghani-Dostum camp.

Lotfullah Azizi, an ethnic Uzbek, was born in 1972 in Taloqan, Takhar province. He is one of the less-known appointees. (20150920)

Lutfullah Azizi was appointed as the provincial governor for Jawzjan six months ago by the Independent Directorate of Local Governance, but since then he stays in the capital Kabul and failed to take the Jawzjan rein due to apparently the opposition of Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum. Mawlavi Abdul Hai Hayat, Dostums designated governor, now considers himself as the real governor of Jawzjan as he receives people at Dostum’s Palace in Sheberghan, capital of the province.(20200723)


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