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Habibi, Hukam Khan

Name Habibi, Hukam Khan
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Provincial Governor Khost
History and Biodata

1. Former Governors Khost:
Abdul Hakim Taniwal (20020329),
Merabuddin, Mirabuddin, Pathan (Pattan, Patan) (2004),
Arsala Jamal (20060726,
Engineer Hameedullah Hamidullah Qalandarzai (20090319),
Abdul Jabbar Naeemi (20100408 -20150606)
Hukam Khan Habibi (20150609, 20160216, 20170703)

Deputy Governor:
Tahir Khan Sabari Sabiri (20100105),
Abdul Wahid Patan (20150513, 20150606)

Governor's spokesman:
Mubarez Zadran Mobariz Zadran (20110909, 20160605)

Head of provincial health department:
Dr Amin Badshah Ahmadzai (20090325)
Hidayatullah Hamidi (20110921)
Dr. Amir Badshah Mangal (20120421)
Mohammad Hashim Sayedi (20160210)

Director of public works and social affairs:
Mamoor Shah (20110120),
Mohammad Kamal Zadran (20130601)
Engineer Mamur Shah (20150513, 2017)
Eng. Hameed Shah had replaced Mamorshah removal (2018)

Povincial director of information and culture department:
Mohammad Amin Shah (20100805) 

Natural Disaster Management Authority Director:
Eng. Akbar (20110914) 

Provincial transport department director:
Gul Rahim Shah was detained along with his brother and son for alleged links with Taliban (20120205)
Urban Development Director:
Eng. Yousaf (20130331)

More than 100,000 Afghans from Khost work in the UAE and the expatriates have expressed the wish of having an airport in their province as they could directly travel to Khost from UAE without landing in Kabul.(20180409)

2. Previous Functions Hukam Khan Habibi:
Deputy Minister of Economy for technical Affairs (20130309)
Provincial Governor Khost (20150609, 20160216, 20170703)

3. Biodata:
Hukum Khan Habibi Hakam Khan Habibi was born in the Akbarkhel village of Azra district in Logar province. He is in his late thirties or early forties). He is said to have obtained a master’s degree from India, likely in the field of agriculture, and is said to have worked as a lecturer at Nangrahar University. He seemed to have served as director general in the Ministry of Agriculture, research department. From some point in 2013 onwards, he worked as deputy minister of economy (technical affairs) and kept the position until he became governor on 9 June and is a President Ashraf Ghani appointee(20150920)

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