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Barmak, Wais Ahmad Eng.

Name Barmak, Wais Ahmad Eng.
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1972
Function/Grade Minister of Interior
History and Biodata

Eng. Wais Ahmad Barmak,
Phone: 0093 - 79-90415331021)

1. Former Ministers of Interior:
Ali Ahmad Jalali (resigned 20050928),
Engineer Zarar Ahmad Moqbil (Moqbel, Moqbal) (2008),
Hanif Atmar (2008), Hanif Atmar 20100102 confirmed for second term as Minister of Interior, resigned 20100606.
Gen Bismillah Khan Muhammad Mohammadi (2010 - 20120804) fired by Wolesi Jirga
Gen. Mujtaba Patang (20120915 - 20130722 sacked) acting Minister of Interior
Umer Daudzai Minister of Interior (20130901) confirmed by Wolesi Jirga 20130925.
Omar Daudzai Acting Minister of Interior (20141208)
acting Sattar General Ayub Salangi (20141209)
Nur ul-Hq Ulumi (20150127-20160224 resigned)
Taj Mohammad Jahid (20160224) acting (20160409) confirmed (20170106)
Wais Barmak nominated (20170813, 20171204 confirmed)

Deputy Ministers of Interior:

Acting Minister Lt. Gen. Muhammad Munir Mangal (2009, 20100606), Mangal is also the national police commissioner of the 82,000-member Afghan National Police (2009), he was sacked 20101017 and succeeded by the Kabul Police Chief Abdur Rahman Rahman Moin,
Gen Lt Abdul Hadi Khalid, Deputy Minister (20080611)
Maj. Gen. Daud Daud (till 20100901)
Deputy Interior Minister Hamid Tahmasi (20170725)
First Deputy interior minister:
 Janan Barekzai Janan Barikzai (20170518)

Ministry of Interior (MoI) secretary for policy and strategy: Masoud Ahmad Azizi (20181215) Mrs Husna Jalil (20181205)
Deputy Minister for Administration Administrative Affairs: General Ghulam Ali Wahdat, (20100901), sacked 20130914; Mohammad Akram Yawar (20140110), Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs Deputy Ministry of Administration, Maj. Gen. Mahshooq Ahmad (20140203) Gen Aminullah Karim (20170518)
Deputy for Security Affairs: LtGen Abdul Rahman Rahman Moin appointed 20101017 (20110622, 20120126, 20130707) Lt Gen Murad Ali Murad Deputy interior minister for security.(20170518, 20180423)
Chief of Staff of the office of Senior Deputy Interior for Security:
Brigadier General Abdul Muqeem Abdul Rahimzai (20181015)
Deputy interior minister in charge of planning and strategy (20110212), and Deputy minister for public protection and security enterprises
.Gen Jamal Abdul Nasir SediqiJamal Abdul Naser Siddiqi (20120100, 20140109)
Deputy Minister for Security Affairs: former Kabul police chief General Ayoub Salangi (20130901, 20150608, 20151009) President Ghani nominated General Abdul Rahman Rahman to replace Gen. Salangi as Senior Deputy Interior Minister for Security Affairs.(20160229)
Senior deputy interior minister for security,  Gen Akhtar Muhammad Ibrahimi (20170728, 20181018)
Deputy Minister of Counter Narcotics:

Lieutenant Gen. Mohammad Dawod Dawod (2004)
Abdul Jalil Bakhtiari (20170310, 20170518))
Lt Gen Baz Muhammad Ahmadi Baaz (20100901, 20110928, 20160703, 20181018)

Jamil Kohistani sacked (20130914)
Abdul Wahid Sharifi sacked (20130914)
Amir Mohammad Jamshedi sacked (20130914)


Spokesman for the Interior Ministry:
Sediq Sediqqi Ghulam Sidiqullah Siddiqi Sediq Sediqi (20110928, 20130106)
Deputy Speaker of Ministry of Interior:
Najeebullah Naikzad, (20110629)  Najibullah Danish (20150703)

More top slots in MoI:
Advisor to the minister on administrative affairs : Brig. Gen. Syed Ahmad Qadoosi, and Maj. Gen. Abdul Manan Farahi as another advisor to the minister (20100902);
Advisor on Crime Affairs: Brig Gen Khan Mohammad (20110303)

Colonel Mohammad Wali Amini has been appointed as the Chief of the Police Rights General Directorate, while Colonel Ghulam Sediq has been appointed as deputy chief of the Police Rights General Directorate.


General director for planning and operation: Maj. Gen. Muhammad Wasim Azimi (20100901) Maj Gen Ghulam Mustafa Khan (20110410),
Director of the Human Resource Department: Maj. Gen. Muhammad Wakil Akbari (20100901),
Deputy Chief of the Personnel Directorate (Pezhantoon):
Colonel Haseeb Ur Rehman (20181015)
General director of the Inspection Department: Maj. Gen. Abdul Masood Ragheb (201009029,
General director of the counter-terrorism Department: Maj. Gen. Abdul Ghaffar Syedzada Sayed Abdul Ghafar Sayedzada (20100902, 20110120) Brig Gen Abdul Halim (20150611)
Head of the Parliamentary Affairs Department: Brig. Gen. Behram (20100902), Brig. Gen. Muhammad Najib will serve as Behram's deputy (20100902), Brig. Gen. Ikramuddin Yawar (20100902),
General director of the Firefighting Department: Brig. Gen. Abdul Fatah Farogh (20100902),
Director of the Local Police Force: Brig. Gen. Khan Muhammad (20100902),
Chief of Staff College: Maj Gen Sayed Noorullah Zal (20110410),
Training Chief National Police Academy: Brig Gen Shah Alam Sapand (20110410),
Deputy director for gender and human rights at the Interior Ministry: Colonel Sayed Omar Saboor (20121219),
Director Intelligence Department: Gen Shafiq Fazli (20101106, 20130217) Gen Islamuddin Safi (20150611)

Quality director at the MoI audit department: Brig Gen Abdullah Stanikzai,  (20130225)

General Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the Ministry of Interior (MoI):
Lt Gen Mirza Mohammad Yarmand (20091124, 20130225) sacked 20130914, Maj. Gen. Abdul Ghaffar Syedzada Sayed Abdul Ghafar Sayedzada (20140608), Gen Zahir Zahir (20141203)
Head of the Crime Investigation Department: Mohammad Salem Almas (20171109)
Department Supporting Peace Process: Gen Abdul Hakim Neirbi (201500611)
Commander of education of the Interior Ministry: General Mashuq Seylab (20140104) 

Police Force Management Director, responsible for the Police Tashkil: Maj Gen Ekramuddin Yawar, Ikramuddin Yawar since late 2010  (20130328)
Head of the engineering section of the MoI’s IED disposal team:
General Mohammahd Anwar Paigham (20140109)

Head of the gender and human rights department in the Ministry of Interior: Gen. Hekmat Shahi (20141031)
Chief of the Police Rights General Directorate:
Colonel Mohammad Wali Amini (20181015)
Deputy chief of the Police Rights General Directorate: Colonel Ghulam Sediq (20181015) 
Director of sports department in the Ministry of Interior: Khushal Sarwari (20141213)
Director of Logistic Directorate:
Deputy: Colonel Taj Mohammad (20150611)
Head of the information analysis department: Brigadier General Mohammad Farid Afzali (20150611)
Anti-corruption department head at MoI:

Habib Rahman Sahar (20160519)
Gen. Mohammad Wahid Hamidi (20170303)
Head of the intelligence and criminal investigation department:
 Mohammad Farid Afzali (20170518)  Farid Ahmad Afzali (20171109)

Brig. Gen. Abdul Jabbar Purdali, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Nabi Majrooh, Col. Habibullah have been posted to  the ministry (20130225)
Brig. Gen. Kabir Andarabi (20130901)

Ministry of Interior's (MoI) eNID department (developing a new, national digital personal identification system) Electronic National Identification Document (eNID):
The Afghan Government (MCIT, MoI and others) supported by a foreign company is working since 20100302 on this project.

Head: Homayoun Muhtatsaid (20150531)

Planning Manager-E-NID at Ministry of Interior Affairs: Razaq Rahimi (20131100, 2014, 20150531)

 Tuesday, July 05, 2016 The jobs of the MoI following first degree officials are suspended:
- BG Mohammad Hassan Alemy chief of the office of administration deputy MoI and acting chief of MoI HQ recruitment command
- BG Abdul Majid Sadeqi COS of HQ recruitment command
- BG Elham Wardak general commander of education
- BG Sardar Mohammad Kohdamani deputy commander of HQ education
- BG Jalaluddin Ragbar commander of Wardak ANP TC.
Order has also been given to MoI to suspend jobs of five other junior officials who were responsible to ensure security and decision making on the graduates of Wardak ANP TC.

According to the Ministry of Interior, Brigader General Mohammad Tawab, Colonel Ghulam Mustafa, and Brigadier General Abdul Ghafoor have been shifted to the General Directorate of the Personnel as reserve officers.(20180626)

Ministry of Interior
NTM-A C2J OPS: (VOIP) 237-3950 / (SVOIP) 237-1051
Chief of ANCOP
MG Gul Khan Zemarai
Chief of ABP
LTG Mohammad Younus Noorzai
Chief of AUP
LTG Mohammad Hasan Atmar
Director of Info, Comm, & Tech (ICT)
BG Ghulam Haider Samim
Director of Logistics
MG Timor Shah
Force Management
MG Akramuddin Yawar
ANP Training General Command
LTG Mujtaba Patang
Director of Cadre and Personnel
MG Ahmed Akbari Wakil,
Deputy Director Cadre and Personnel: Col Safiullah Asar (20150611)
Surgeon General
BG Shanbaz ‘Qandahar’ Shinwari
Chief of Directorate of Intel (DI)
MG M. Shafiq Fazli
Director & Chief of Policy
BG Abdul Wasi Raoufy, Gen Wase Rauofi, was arrested after accepting a $150,000 USD bribe in exchange for awarding a fuel contract to a private company. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison by the Anti-Corruption Criminal Justice Center’s (ACJC) primary court after being found guilty of accepting a substantial bribe.(20170109)
Chief Of Staff
MG B. Rahimullah
Dep Chief Of Staff
BG M. Najib Aman
DM for Counternarcotics
LTG Baz Mohammad Ahmadi
Bismullah Khan Mohammadi
Acting DM for Strategy & Policy
BG Abdul Wasi Raoufy
DM for Security
GEN Abdul Rahman
Chief of Anti-Crime
LTG Jamil Junbish
MG Sayed Mohammad Qudossi
DM for Support
LTG Ghulam Ali Wahdat
Chief of Criminal Investigations
MG Said Ghafar Saidzada
Acting CDR ANP Recruiting Command
BG Wakil Ahmad Feda
Chief of ALP
BG Ali Sha Ahmadzai
LTG Nasr Sediqi
Chief of Plans & Operations
MG Mohammad Dawood
Chief of Major Crimes Task Force
COL Nazir
Chief of Legal Affairs
MG Rahim Shuja
Director of Procurement
BG Noori
Chief of CT
MG Kohistani
COL Sonoy
Director of Finance
BG Alhamuddin ‘Wardak’
Acting Director of Facilities
COL Hamid
MG Abdul Ragheb
DM for Admin
LTG Mirza Mohammad Yarmand
MG Mohammad Wasim
Director of Analysis/Assessment
BG Wali Safi
Director of CPD
LTG Amir Jamsheed



2. Previous Functions of Wais Ahmad Barmak:
Field Assistant with ICRC 1993
Senior Programme Officer for ACBAR in Kabul (1996 to 1998),
Policy/Programme Officer with the Programme, Policy, and Planning Unit in UNAMA in Kabul (2002) and also worked as Programme Officer and Deputy Regional Coordination Officer for the United Nations Coordinator’s Office (UNCO) for Afghanistan in Kabul.
Executive Director of the National Solidarity Programme (NSP) executed by the MRRD (two years),
Senior Advisor to the Department of Disaster Management and Preparedness in Afghanistan (ANDMA),
Senior Advisor MRRD on Capacity Development and Programmes, September 2004,
Senior Advisor/Chief Coordinator of the National Rural Access Programme (NRAP) until October 2006,  puty Minister of Rural Rehabilitaion and Development, (20081200-20120304)
Nominated Minister of Rural Rehabilitation (20120215)
Minister of Rural Rehabilitation (20120305-20140930)
Acting Minister of Rural Rehabilitation (20141001)
Minister of Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) (20151021, 20170813)
Minister of Interior (20170813, 20171204 confirmed)

3. Biodata:
Barmak_Wais_AhmadWais Ahmad Barmak was born 1972 in Kabul and hails from Panjshir. He completed primary and secondary education from Nadarya High School (1988), Kabul. Barmak obtained a BSc degree, with Honours in Architecture, from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Kabul University. He also is an MSc graduate (Development Studies) from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London, UK.

Barmak’s professional career started with MSFF and ICRC back in 1993. Later became Minister designate but did not bag enough votes of confidence in Wolesi Jirga on 20100106. He is supported by Vicepresident Fahim. Barmak got high marks for his management of the National Solidarity Program. Barmak holds a British Passport.

Had contributed in the Rural Development Sector of the Afghan National Development Strategy 2008-2013.

The Afghan parliament approved nine nominated minister in the 20120305 session. Wais Barmak getting 212 votes got the post of Rural Development Minister.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s advisor in north zone Wais Ahmad Barmakon Tuesday 30, Dec 2014 assured residents of this northeastern Badakhshan province that corrupt officials would be sacked and the unity government was adopting all measures to fight graft. Barmak traveled to Badakhshan as head of a 6-member delegation, told local officials that corruption had tarnished government’s image. He had been tasked to evaluate performance of officials and government agencies.(20141230)

Wais Ahmad Barmak received 173 confidence votes and was approved as minister of interior.(20171204)

Colonel Kabir Ahmad Barmak, the minister's younger brother, who has served as district police chief in PD5 and PD11 in Kabul, was promoted to deputy head of the interior ministry’s intelligence department on Sunday Jan 21, 2018.

The president accepted resignation of Hanif Atmar as national security adviser, but he rejected those of Defense Minister Tariq Shah Bahrami, Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak and head of National Directorate of Security Masoom Stanikzai.(20180829)

He can speak Dari, Pashto and English.

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