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National Procurement Authority (NPA)

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National Procurement Authority (NPA) General Directorate of National Procurement (GDNP) and National Procurement Commission (NPC)
The Afghan Ministry of Finance organised the NPC in 2012 to emphasise the critical role of public procurement in the continued development of Afghanistan. Afghanistan has the procurement law and policies for public procurement. But there is lack of transparency, interferences in procurement process is a problem which affects the prices of the projects in Afghanistan. On the other hand, there is lack of proper companies, and NPC shall find solutions and follow a transparent process to tackle these problems.(20131105)

Head of NPC:
Yama Yari (20150824)

Recently the procurement system in Afghanistan was fragmented across Procurement Policy Unit under the Ministry of Finance, Afghanistan Reconstruction and Development Services (ARDS) under the Ministry of Economy and the Special Procurement Commission (SPC) under the chairmanship of the Minister for Finance, apart from the procurements handled by individual line ministries and other sub-national entities. As part of the ongoing system reforms by the present Afghanistan Government, these three entities have been amalgamated into one single agency called National Procurement Authority (NPA) to act as the apex procurement organization, to formulate policies related to public procurement and to regulate the public procurement function in the entire nation. The NPA will consolidate the functions of above mentioned entities into a single central organization to oversee and facilitate all national procurement (goods, works and services) above a certain threshold and which are vital to economic development of Afghanistan. In addition, it will look after the policies and procedures to strengthen the procurement system and start e-procurement in Afghanistan, to bring about a completely transparent public procurement system. Other objectives of this directorate are to enhance budget execution, ensuring efficiency in public procurement system, recruitment of professional and honest procurement civil servants at different levels and various capacities.

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