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Habibi, Abdullah Khan Lt Gen

Name Habibi, Abdullah Khan Lt Gen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1952
Function/Grade Ex Minister of Defense (MoD)
History and Biodata

1. Previous Ministers of Defense
Mohammad Qasim Fahim (2004),
Abdurrahim Wardak (2005 - 20120804), fired by Wolesi Jirga, and resigned as acting Minister  (20120807)
Inayatullah Nazari acting (20120808)
Gen. Bismillah Mohammadi (20120915 -20140930) Acting Minister of Defense (20141001)
Enayatullah Nazari (20110605) acting Minister of Defense (20120808) and again 20141209 (20160418)
nominated Lt Gen Abdullah Khan Habibi (20160419) and approved by Wolesi Jirga (20160620) resigned (20170424)
Deputy Minister of Defense:
Brig. General Mohammad Humayun Fauzi, son of Hyatullah, from Faryab Province , Deputy
Minister, Personnel and Standby Officers Sphere (20030921),  Deputy Minister of Defense (2010)
First Deputy Minister: Enayatullah Nazari (20110605) acting Minister of Defense (20120808)
Lt Gen Mohammad Akram, Pashtun, Deputy Command General Chief of Staff  (20100211, 20150115)
Deputy defence minister for personnel and training: Baz Mohammad Johari Baz Mohammad Jawhari, (20130106, 20150118)
First deputy to the ministry: Lt Gen Abdul Khaliq, son of Muhammad Sarwar (20150525)
Deputy Minister of Defence: Gen Muhebullah Muheb (2005, 20130116)
Defense Ministry spokesman
Brig Gen Dawlat Waziri (20150217, 20170215)
Office of chief of staff:
Chief of Staff: Lt. Gen. Abdulhameed Hameed (20160711)
Cadre and Personnel directorate:
Gen. Rahmatullah (20150100)
Deputy Chief of Staff:
Lt Gen Murad Ali Murad (20150201)
Director General of Military Operations:

Maj Gen Mohammad Habib Hesari (20160809)

Head of law department of defense ministry:
Mohammad Amin Nooristani (20110410)

Head of religious and ideological affairs:
Brig. Gen. Mohammad Amin Nasib Naseeb Head of theology department of the Defense Ministry, General Mohammad Nasib Amin(20120928, 20150114)
Head of the Ministry of Defense's (MoD) Health Department:
General Musa Wardak, Maj Gen Mohammad Mussa Wardak(20131028, 20140713)
Administrative and Logistics Deputy of the Afghan National Army (ANA):
Brig Gen Momand Katawazai, Mohmand Katawazai Momand Katawazi (20140210) perhaps sacked because critizising Karzai for not signing the BSA

Head of the sports department in the Ministry of Defense:
Gen. Asif,  was attacked in Chelsiton area of Kabul city around 8:00 am local time while he was on his way towards his office.(20141115)
Education and Training Commander at the MoD:
Maj Gen Mohammad Habib Hesari (20141230)
Procurement Manager for the MoD:
Brig Gen Abdul Rahman Ghori (20150202)
General Commander for the Medical Academy of the Health Command for the Ministry of Defense:
Col. Nesar Ahmad Siddiqi (20150223)



2. Previous Functions:
1st brigade, 205th Corps commander
IG for the ANA General Staff (20050310)
G-1 General Staff Chief of Personnel (2005, 2009)
Commander 201st Corps "Silab (Flood) Corps" (20100920, 20110508-2012)
Chief of staff at MoD
nominated Minister of Defense (MoD) (20160419) approved by Wolesi Jirga (20160620) resigned (20170424)
3. Biodata:

Lt Gen Abdullah Khan Habibi Abdullah Habibi Abdul Abdullah son of Ghulam Habibi was born 1952 and hails from Kunar province. He has an MA in Military Science (1976). He is a career army officer who has served in every regime since that of President Najibullah (ie also under the mujahedin and Taleban regimes), posts that have culminated in his position as director of the Afghan army’s general staff. He is the former commander of 201st Corps. Abdullah Khan was nominated as Minister of Defense. Abdullah Khan, whose penultimate position was chief of personnel in the ANA’s general staff, comes across as a good choice to succeed Stanakzai at the MoD. According to officials both in the National Security Council and the Resolute Support Mission, he enjoys a reputation of professionalism, attaining high marks in his military training (including in the Soviet Union), and clean hands. With his unbroken career throughout the most diverse regimes, Abdullah Khan seems to be ‘un-political’ enough to be considered for this position – but, at the same time, might lack full-hearted political backing.(20150419)  He is expected to be introduced to Parliament for a vote of confidence soon.(20150422)

The Afghan parliament approved Abdullah Khan Habibi as the Minister of Defense during a voting process. Habibi  received 167 votes out of 224 lawmakers available in the session. (20160620)

Habibi, Afghanistan's defense minister and army chief of staff Shahim resigned Monday Apr 24, 2017, days after a Taliban attack that left at least 136 Afghan soldiers dead.

Gen Habibi is married and has five children.

He speaks Dari und Russian.

More Background Gen Abdullah Khan Habibi:
A brief history of his services in the army is as following:

-          1972, Air force 88 artillery

-          1974, Instructor -  Military university

-          1982, 17th Division

-          1981. Lived outside Afghanistan go get higher education

-          1984, Operation Director- Border Forces

-          1986,  Deputy Intelligence Head - Border Forces (Major General)

-          1987, General Commander of Border forces (Lt. General)

-          1995, First Deputy of Minister of Defense, Education

-         2003, after the transitional government of Afghanistan and recreating Afghan National Army (ANA), Habbibi worked as    Director of Audit and General Staff.  

-          2005, Director of Personnel- General Staff (Major General)

-          2008, Military Assistant to the Defense Minister (Major General)

-          2010, Corps Commander, 201st Selab Military Corps

-          2012, Director of Personal, General Staff ( Major General)

-          2015, Chief of Staff, (Lt. General)


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