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New Minister nominees for 16 ministries

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President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and CEO Dr. Abdullahnew new cabinet nominees picks

The government of national unity on Saturday (20150321) announced new nominees new Minister candidates for 16 ministries which include:

1. Abdul Bari Jahani as Information and Culture Minister
2. Asadullah Zamir as Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock Minister
3. Mohammad Gulab Mangal as Borders and Tribal Affairs Minister
4. Eng. Mahmood Baligh as Public Works Minister
5. Abdul Satar Murad as Economy Minister
6. Dr. Mohammadullah Batash as Transport and Aviation Minister
7. Sadat Mansoor Naderi as Urban Development Affairs Minister
8. Dr. Abdul Basir Anwar as Justice Minister
9. Abdul Razaq Wahidi as Information and Telecommunication Minister
10. Mrs. Dilbar Nazari as Women’s Affairs Minister
11. Mrs. Salamat Azimi as Counter-narcotics Minister
12. Mrs. Farida Mohmand as Higher Education Minister
13. Mrs. Nasrin Oryakhel as Labor, Social Affairs, Martys and Disabled Minister
14. Ali Ahmad Osmani as Water and Energy Minister
15. Humayun Rassa as Trade and Commerce Minister
16. Assadullah Hanif Balkhi as Education Minister

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Established 2015-03-22