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Barakzai, Haji Mohammad Akbar

Name Barakzai, Haji Mohammad Akbar
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade ex Minister
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions of Haji Mohammad Akbar Barakzai:
Deputy Minister Water and Energy (Power),
Governor Ghazni Province,
Govermor Baghlan Province (2009 - 2010),
Minister of Mines an Industries (20131225-20140930)
Acting Minister of Mines and Industries (20141001)

Mohammad Akbar Barekzai Barakzai, a native of Baghlan, has graduated from Agricultural school in Baghlan province in 1357 (1998) solar year. He has specialization in police training and has served as deputy administrator in ministry of water and power and also has the experience of one year working in the ministry of mines and recently was working in ministry of water and power.

Haji Akbar Barakzai replaces Wahidullah Shahrani as Minister for Mines and Industries (who reigned to run as first deputy to Qayyum Karzai in the Presidential Elections 2014) Barakzai has not developed a high profile so far, although he has worked as deputy in the ministry of light industries under Nurzai (2002-2003), as governor of his home province, Baghlan (2008-2010) and Deputy Minister of Public Works. He has a Hezb-e Islami background. His brother, Dr Ismael, a major commander in the province, was killed in the early 1990s and he himself has enjoyed the patronage of two major Hizb-e Islami figures, the key northern Pashtun Karzai ally, Juma Khan Hamdard (currently governor of Paktia) and the advisor to the president on tribal affairs and former Hezb-e Islami deputy leader, Waheedullah Sabawoon.

The ministry of mines, given the size of the contracts it negotiates and the income it may well, eventually, bring into the country, is hugely important to Afghanistan. It is also prone to corruption. This will be a difficult brief, given that the two largest mining projects in the country, for copper and iron ores, are under review on the initiative of the Indian and Chinese state-owned companies/consortiums who won, variously, the contracts.
The Lower House of the Parliament confirmed Alhaj Mohamad Barakzai as the minister of mines and petroleum of Afghanistan. He received 164 confidence votes, 53 no confidence votes, 5 invalid votes and 9 blank votes.(20131225)



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