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National Archives of Afghanistan Chief:
Mrs. Masuma Nazari (20150221, 20160619)
Mohammad Afsar Rahbeen has been appointed director of National archive (20180610)
Director of Historical Documents Department at National Archive:

Ahmad Siyar Behroz (20150221)
Director of Manuscript Department at National Archives:
Abdul Rasheed Usman (20150221)
Director of the historical section:
Khudadad Aaghar (20150221)

Chief of the national archives, Mrs. Masuma Nazari, said that National Archives was officially inaugurated in 1977 with the aim to protect historical and cultural heritages and documents. Nazari said the documents are used by the university lecturers, students as well as researchers for research purpose and to enhance their understanding of the past. Ahmad Siyar Behroz, said that there are around 50,422 historical documents and 53,140 pictures of the kings and others. Director of Manuscript Department at National Archives, Abdul Rasheed Usman, said that 70 percent of the handwritten manuscripts are decorated with gold and azure that are unique and could not be found elsewhere in the world. He said that there are around 8,000 manuscripts, categorized based on the history. Some manuscripts of the Holy Quran of the third Caliph of Islam Hazrat Usman (R.A), written on the skin of deer in Kofi style is the oldest one. Most beautiful and simple miniature of the world are kept in the archives. Director of the historical section, Khudadad Aaghar, said the national archives has been divided in two parts. He said that historical documents of rulers and political leaders are kept in the archives with great care. He said that historical documents dating back to the era of Sultan Husain Ba-Eqra are kept in the archives. “Almost all of the documents including decrees are handwritten. Some of the written pieces are unfamiliar for the new generation because these are written in Kofi writing,” he said.(20150221)

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