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Baraki Barak District Logar Province Loghar

Name Baraki Barak District Logar Province Loghar
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Baraki Barak district Barak-i- Barak District chief Logar Province Loghar:
Eng. Muhammad Rahim Amin Ameen Mohammad Rahim Amin (20100510).
Muhammad Rahim, survived a rocket attack from insurgents between Ibrahimkhel and Zakumkhel areas of the district (20100702, 20111122),
Syed Wakil Agha? (20120606)
Eng. Mohammad Rahim Amin Rahimullah (20130223, 20130629, 20140103, 20150720, 20160919)
Ainuddin Amin acting district governor and security director of Baraki Barak killed by mine explosion (20181118)

District Police Chief:
Amanullah, son of Sher Allah, Tajik, born 1960.(2007)
Col. Hazrat Mohammad (2007-2012) killed in Taliban ambush 20120622.
Col. Raees Khan Sadiq (20130629)
Saber Khan (2018) killed as he was on his way to inspect police checkpoints (20190318)

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