Afghan Biographies

Osmani, Faiz Mohammad

Name Osmani, Faiz Mohammad
Ethnic backgr. Turkmen
Date of birth 1972
Function/Grade Minister of Haj and Religious Endowments
History and Biodata

1. Former ministers Hajj and Auqaf:
Prof. Nehmatullah Sharani Shahrani (2004-20080909),
Muhammad Siddiq Chakari (2009),
Dr Mohammad Yousuf Niazi (201001, 20120725 -20140930),
Dr Mohammad Yousuf Niazi acting Minister (20141001)
acting Minister of Haj and Religious Endowments Dr Al-Haq Abed (20141209)
Faiz Mohammad Osmani (20150127-)

Deputy hajj and Islamic affairs minister:
Dr. Daiul Haq Abid, Daee-ul-Haq Abed, Dayeul Haq Abedi Dr Al-Haq Abed Dai-ul-haq Abid Daeeul Haq Abid(20111109, 20121114, 20140109, 20151008, 20170710) Daiulhaq Abid,was sentenced to imprisonment in absentia on charges of forgery and misuse of authority..(20180110)
2. Previous Functions Faiz Muhammad Usmani:
University Lecturer
Adviser Ministry of Education
Islamic Show Announcer for TOLO TV (2014)
Minister of Haj and Religious Endowments (20150127-)
3. Biodata:
Faiz Mohammad Usman was born 1972 in Kunduz.
He obtained his education in religious schools in Zahedan, Iran. He holds a bachelor degree in social science from Kabul University. He has worked as a university lecturer in private universities, as a member of the curriculum department of the ministry of education and as an adviser for Afghan-Turk schools in Afghanistan. He became better known when he began hosting a religious programme on Tolo TV. He was a teacher at the University Hajera Mohammadi and is a civil society activist.  Usmani is the founder of Rahyan Noor High School. 

He was nominated as Minister of Haj and Religious Endowments. (20150112) Wolesi Jirga confirmed Nominee for the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs Faiz Mohammd Osmani with 160 votes, 61 against, 17 blank, and five invalid.(2015ß128)
He speaks Dari, Turkmen and English.


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