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Fawzi, Humayon Lt Gen

Name Fawzi, Humayon Lt Gen
Ethnic backgr. Uzbek
Date of birth
Function/Grade Provincial Governor Faryab
History and Biodata

1. Former Governors of Faryab Province:
Mohhamad Saleh Zari (2001-2003),
Enayatullah Enayat (2003 - 2005),
Abdul Latif Ibrahimi (2005 - 2006),
Abdul Haq Shafaq (2007 - 20120813),
Ahmad Faisal Begzad (20120813 -20120919)
Dr. Mohammadullah Batash (20120920-20150417)
Sayed Anwar Saadat (20151008-2017)
Humayoun Fawzi (20170712)

Governor's Spokesperson:
Javed Beda Mohamad Jawid Bidar (20110525,20150301,  20160807)
Deputy Governor:
Abdul Satar Barez Sattar Bariz (20091002, 20120823),

Director Provincial Department of Revenue:
Mohammad Asam Gadas (20110420)

Rural Rehabilitation and Development department Director:
Mauladad Popal (20111011)

Eng. Mohammad Aman Salimi (2012)
Mohammad Alem (20140429)

Public Health Director:
Dr. Abdul Ali Halim (20111014, 20120412, 20140318)

Education Director:
Ghulam Sakhi (20111228) Ghulam Sakhi Bayan was arrested on 20160801 based on reports that his degree and documents were bogus.
Department of Public Works Director:
Eng Ghulam Farooq (2012)
Department of Agriculture Director:
Asadullah Bahar (2012)
Department of Irrigation Director:
Eng. Haiatullah (2012)
Director ANDMA:
Abdul Wohab (2012)
ARCS Director:
Alhaj Mirza Khan Sabori (2012)
Head of the Faryab Human Rights Commission:
Said Hafizullah Fitrat (20160807)

2. Previous Functions:

Spokesman for a former regime militia (19960731)
Personnel and Standby Officers Sphere (20030921)
Deputy Defense Minister (20081213)

Deputy chief of policy and strategy (20110413)
Deputy defence minister for personnel and training (20151012)

Provincial Governor Faryab (20170712, 20170809)

3. Biodata:
Lt Gen Mohammad Humayun Fawzi General Mohammad Humayun Fauzi Brig General Mohammad Humayun Fauzi  Mohammad Hamayoun Fawozi is the son of Hyatullah and hails from Faryab Province . He is an ethnic Uzbek commander. (19970206)

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