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Mastoora, Arezoo Mrs.

Name Mastoora, Arezoo Mrs.
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth 1990
Function/Grade Afghanistan National Badminton Federation President
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
President of Afghanistan National Badminton Federation (20150106)


3. Biodata:
Mrs. Arezoo Mastoora was born 1990 in Afghanistan. Mastoora Arezoo holds the record for being the only woman who has headed a sports federation in Afghanistan’s history. Mastoora has been in the Afghanistan Olympic Federation for 10 years. Funnily enough, she started out as a volleyball player in the country’s national team, which she pursued for almost five years (2014). Her talent in the sport made her the team manager for the national volleyball team. She also was in charge of the country’s national tae-kwon-do team for almost two years. However, Mastoora only played two sports professionally – volleyball and badminton. She had been interested in sports since a small girl and her father always encouraged her to push herself and her physical ability to the limits. She founded a radio station and a newspaper called Voice of Sports. These media channels were revolutionary, as they focused on women’s sports events. Mastoora is the advisor to the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs in paralympic affairs. She advises the minister and his staff in affairs related to paralympic sports and promoting it to the public. When Mastoora was elected the president of Afghanistan’s badminton federation, it came as a shock to a lot of men in the country. Mastoora knew they questioned her ability to run a federation as a young woman. In six months, she proved to them that she was able to bring major positive changes to the federation and to the promotion of the badminton sport among women. Today, (2014) Mastoora is a role model to all young Afghan women, and also to women around the world. Arezoo Arezoo was appointed as head of Afghanistan National Badminton Federation by the former National Olympics chief Zahir Aghbar earlier in January last year. She was reelected President of Afghanistan National Badminton Federatio.(20150106)


The Afghanistan National Badminton Federation was formed initially formed in 1974 under the Afghanistan National Olympic Committee. However, the Badminton sport did not have any major development and achievements due to civil war in the country and remained almost non-functional for almost 14 years. The Afghanistan National Badminton Federation resumed operations in 2002, almost a year after the fall of the Taliban regime.



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