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Logar PC 2014 certified results

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Logar New PC members’ biographies- 2014

Provincial Council Chairman:
Syed Qaribullah Sadat (20160615)
Hasibullah Stanekzai Hasibullah Stanakzai Hasibullah Stanikzai (20180406, 20200731)
Deputy head of provincial council in Logar:
Mohammad Qasim Khoshiwal (20200308)

1. Mrs. Huma Ahmadi:
Huma Ahmadi is the daughter of Sayyed Ahmad Hashmi. She was born in 1975 in Sayyed Habibullah village of Pul-e-Alam City. She completed her primary education at Daqiqi Balkhi School and went to Ayesha Durrani High School for intermediate education. She studied secondary classes at Bibi Fatimah High School in Pul-e-Alam City. In 2011, she graduated from science branch of Logar Pedagogical Institute. Ahadi served as teacher at different schools from 1992 to 2009. Later, she joined the United Nation Commission for Refugee Affairs, Independent Election Commission (IEC), National Integration regional office, trainer for primary studies and discharged duties in various capacities. Apart from being member of provincial council, she is member of Logar people’s council and member of peace council of provincial branch.
Contact No: 0799382888
2. Mrs. Nafeesa Hijran:
Nafeesa Hijran is the daughter of Mohammad Ali. She was born in 1979 in Ali Khan Kala of Pul-e-Alam City. She completed her secondary education at Shaheed Saadi High School, Pul-e-Alam City and received her graduation from a high school in 2008. She pursued higher education at the science branch at Logar Pedagogical Institute and earned graduation degree in 2012. She discharged her duties as a teacher and worked at the district zone offices of Logar and Paktia provinces.

She and her driver were wounded in a gun attack in the morning of July 6, 2020 in her native province of Logar, local police said. Gunmen targeted the vehicle  in Logar’s capital, Pul-i-Alam.

Contact No: 0793591029
3.  Sayed Qaribullah Sadat:
Sayed Qaribullah Sadat Son of Sayyed Shah Agha Sadat, Sayyed Qaribullah Sadat was born in 1970 in Pul-i-Alam district. He is graduated from Kulangar High School and received his bachelor degree in economics from Kabul University. He worked in the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyred and Disabled as an officer for seven years. Before making his way to the provincial council, he was running his own construction company. Deputy Head of PC.
Contact No: 0779030609
4. Adalat Abdulrahimzai:
Adalat Abdulrahimzai Son of Noor Mohammad Abulrahimzai, Adalat Abdulrahimzai was born in 1987 in Mohammad Agha district. He completed his primary studies at his home district and then graduated from a high school in Kabul. He is a fourth class student at the literature faculty of Kabul University. He is deputy provincial council head. He has no official job before making his way to the provincial council.
Contact No: 0783006980
5. Mohammad Qasim Seddiqi Khoshiwal:
Mohammad Qasim Seddiqi Khoshiwal Son of Abdul Ahmad, Mohammad Qasim Seddiqi Khoshiwal was born in 1971 in Khoshi district. He is graduated from a high school in Peshawar, Pakistan and received his certificate as a teacher from Logar provincial teacher training institute. He served as officer of literacy program and local council head in the district.
Contact No: 079936999
6. Mohammad Nasir Ghairat killed:
Mohammad Nasir Ghairat Son of Mohammad Nazir, Mohammad Nasir Ghairat was born in 1974 in Mohmmad Agha district. He is graduated from a high school in Peshawar, Pakistan and received his graduation certificate from Logar teacher training institute. Since 20 years, he served in different position in the provincial education directorate and worked as a teacher as well. Currently, he is secretary of the provincial council.
Contact No: 0798991288. Ghairat was killed along with his two guards in a shooting in Kabul city (20200308)
7. Dr. Abdul Wali Wakil
Dr. Abdul Wali Wakil Son of Abdul Wakil, Dr. Abdul Wali Wakil belongs to Ahmadzi tribe. He was born in 1977 at Akbar Khail village, Azra district of Logar province. He spent a large period of his life in immigration in Peshawar. He graduated from Ettihad High School in 1998. Later, Wakil got admission in the Medical University of Nagarhar where he earned his graduation in 2004 with high grades. He discharged his duties in the Ministry of Health, UNAMA, USAID, UNICEF and IRC. He widely studied administration and religion. He has the credit of memorizing holy Quran and a number of Hadiths with interpretation. He is fluent in speaking Pashto, Dari, English and Arabic languages. Wakil got reelected as member of provincial council in 2014. Currently, he is the head of provincial council.
Contact No: 0770600700
8. Muhibullah Saleh:
Muhibullah Saleh Son of Saleh Mohammad, Mohibullah Saleh was born in 1977 in Mohammad Agha district. He completed his primary and secondary education in Jawzjan and graduated from a high school in 2000. He served in different NGOs before making his way to the provincial council.
Contact No: 0702322466
9. Haseebullah Stanekzai:
Haseebullah Stanekzai Son of Abdul Azim, Haseebullah Stanekzai Hasibullah Stanekzai was born in 1988 in Pul-i-Alam, the provincial capital of Logar. He completed his primary education there and graduated from a high school in Kabul. He received his bachelor in literature from Kabul University and after graduation served as the Logar governor’s office public relations advisor. He made his way to the 2014 provincial elections. Currently, he is the head of provincial council. He survived a gun attack. (20200910)
Contact No: 0729688616.

35 H. Ahmadi 2.249 10.56%
1 Muhammad Asif Siddiqui 2.098  9.85%
38 Haseebullah Akbar Stanekzai Stanikzai 1.737 8.16% Chairman Head of PC (20141212, 20150202)
14 Haj Seyed Ali Sadat Syed Qarib Sadat 1.354 6.36% deputy Head of PC (20141212)
29  Justice Abdul Wali Adalat Abdul Rahimzai 1.321 6.20%
24 Haji Mohammad Qasim Siddiqui Khushywal  1.142 5.36%
25 Mohammad Nasir Gherat 1.133 5.32%
18 Dr. Abdul Wali Wakil 880  4.13%
22 Nafisa 699  3.28%

Addalat Abdul Raheemzai, Abdul Wali and Muhammad Nasir Gherat replaced Najeebullah Sherzai, Sultan Jan Khaksar and Ghulam Farooq Siddiqui.

Provincial Councils Election Final Results
Results By Elected Candidates
Results Status:Certified
October 25, 2014



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هما احمدی




محمد آصف صدیقی




حسیب الله ستانکزی




الحاج سید قریب الله سادات




عدالت عبدالرحیمزی




حاجی محمد قسیم صدیقی خوشیوال




محمد ناصر غیرت




داکتر عبدالولی وکیل




نفیسه هجران




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