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Herat Provincial Council Members’ Biographies

1. Sayed Abdul Waheed Qatali:
Son of Abdul Wahab, Sayed Abdul Waheed Qatali is born in 1987 in Engeel District. He went to Primary School in his native town. He joined faculty of Art in Heart University. He has his own business. Currently, he is the head of Provincial Council.
Contact No: 0798181181
2. Dr. Nazir Ahmad:
Dr. Nazir Ahmad Haiderzada is the son of Hasan Alizai. He is born in 1978 in Goryan District. He got his primary education in Goryan District. He went to Medical University of Herat for higher education. He eaerned his master degree as well. He served in one of the muncipal district hospital in Herat. Now, he works as assistant in the Provincial Council.
Contact No: 0799081599
3. Mrs. Sakinah Husaini
Daughter of Sayed Najaf, Kahanam Sakinah Hussaini is born in 1980 at the 12th municipality district of Herat Province. Presently, she is student of Politics and Law at a private university. Earlier, she served as a teacher.
Contact No: 0799240761
4. Alhaj Sheikh Azizullah Najafi:
Alhaj Sheikh Azizullah Najafi is the son of Mohammad Sarwar Najafi. He is born in 1963 in Engeel District. He earned his religious studies and now he is one of the prominent religious clerics in Herat Province. He was member of Provincial Council in its first tenure.
Contact No: 0799191196
5. Alhaj Dr. Abdul Zahir Faiz Zada:
Alhaj Dr. Abdul Zahir Faiz Zada is the resident of Engeel District. He is 37. During its first tenure, he was head of the Provincial Council for two year. He got his primary studies at his native village. He was a physician but now he is student of politics and law at a private university.
Contact No: 0793210000
6. Mrs. Fatimah Jafari:
Daughter of Haidar, Fatimah Jafari is 27. She is resident of 12th municipal district of Herat Province. Currently, she is student at private university.
7. Khalil Ahmad Azizi:
Khalil Ahmad Azizi is the son of Dr. Baseer Ahmad. He is 28. He is born at Sheendand District. He is now student at a private university.
8. Noor Mohammad Zarifi:
Noor Mohammad Zarifi is the son of Mohammad Zareef Khan. He is born in 1973 in Sheendand District. Before assuming membership of Provincial Council, he served as mayor Sheendand and played his role as community elder. He is now studying in a private university.
Contact No: 0799604151
9. Alhaj Mohammad Askar Anwari:
Alhaj Mohammad Askar Anwari is the son of Mohammad Anwar who is born in 1973 in the district of Gulran. He studied up to high school. He served as community elder. Mohammad Askar Anwari was arrested over kidnapping charges.(20160808) Provincial council member, Askar Anwari, was sentenced to death during a court hearing as he was present with his four other colleagues.(20161020)
10. Sayed Jalaluddin Sherzada:
Sayed Jalaluddin Sherzada is the son of Sayed Qasem. He is born in 1975 in the district of Adraskan. He studied his primary education at a mosque where he learned reading and writing. He however, did not attend formally any school.
11. Mrs. Khanam Jahantab Tahiri:
Khanam JahantabTahiri is the daughter of Shah Alam. She is 35 years old and hails from Kharkh District of Herat Province. She studied up to high school and was member of Provincial Council in previous tenure.
12. Sayed Mohammad Husain Husaini:
Son of Abdul Rahman, Sayed Mohammad Husain Husaini is born at 9th municipality district of Herat Province. He was director of social affairs of the province. He got education up to 12th class and hails from a Jihadi Jahadi family. Currently, he is studying in a private university.
Contact No: 0793230000
13. Haji Toryali Tahiri:
Haji Toryali Tahiri is the son of Haji Rahman. He hails from Kharkh District of Herat Province. He is 47. He studied up to 12th class.
14.  Arbab Sher Ahmad Khan Alizai:
Arbab Sher Ahmad Khan Alizai is the son of Mohammad Yousuf. He is born in 1975 in Kahsan District. Though he did not join any education institution formally, he can read and write.
15.  Haji Mohammad Umar Siddiqui:
Haji Mohammad Umar Siddiqui is the son of Haji Mohammad Sarwar. He is 47. He hails from Kahsan District. He didn’t join any formal school but he can read and write. He served as community elder.
16.  Haji Mohammad Khan Noorzai:
Son of Abdul Jabbar, Haji Mohammad Khan Noorzi is 42. He hails from Sheendand District. He completed his primary studies in a mosque. He did not attend any school. Earlier, he was a businessman.
17. Mrs.  Leqae Alam:
Khanam Leqae Alam is the daughter of Abdul Hakeem. She is 42. She lives in Herat city. She studied up to 12th.  . She served as as a teacher.
Contact No: 0799387473
18. Solat Khan Noorzai:
Solat Khan Noorzai is the son of Haji Askar Khan. He is 75. He hails from Adraskan District. He can read and write despite the fact that he did not attend any educational institution. He served as a community elder.
Contact No: 0799758162
19. Mrs.  Mozdah Noorzai:
Khanam Mozdah Noorzi is the daughter of Mohammad Karnil. She is 53. She hails from Obi District. She studied up to 12th class. Earlier, she served as teacher.

Herat PC Members as of 20141031:

PC Chairman: Kamran Alizai (20150202, 20160207) forcibly took away an engineer facing bribery charges from the provincial Attorney General Office (AGO). The engineer with the Public Works Department (PWD) has been accused of taking $8,000 in bribe by the Herat City Municipality. Alizai rejected the allegation and said the engineer he snatched from the AGO was innocent.

He alleged the provincial AGO office used to detain individuals committing minor crimes while big criminals moved free.(20160818)

5 Sayyid Azim Kbrzany 15.266 3.22%
48 Haji Toryalay Taheri 12.966 2.74%
2 Najibullah Mohebbi 9.430 1.99%
32 Haji Ghulam Habib Hashmi 8.680 1.83%
138 Habib Rahman Pedram Habib Rahman Pidram Habib ul-Rahman Pedram 8.377 1.77%
149 Haji Kamran Alizaye Kamran Alizai 7.652 1.62% PC Chairman (20150202)
93 Haji Abdul Rassool Jamshidi 7.120 1.50%
140 Haji Abdul Rahman Moradi 7.091 1.50%
7 Wakil Ahmad 6.841 1.44%
12 Dr Nur Ahmad Haidari 6.789 1.43%
72  Dr. Mohammad Hadid,  Dr. Mahdi Hadid, 6.738 1.42%
90 Abdul Salehi Timuri 6.706 1.42%
101 Javed Ahmed Raouf  6.693 1.41%
78 Arif Mohammad Fazel Jamshidi, 6.514 1.38%
148 Mohammad Sardar Bahaduri 6.509 1.37%
23 Sakina Hussaini 6.182 1.31%
11 Masooda Karkhi 5.732 1.21%
161 F. Jafari 5.506 1.16%
142 Jahantab Taheri  4.415 0.93%

Abdul Rassoul Jamshidi, Abdul Rehman Muradi, Noor Ahmad Haideri, Muhammad Sardar Bahaduri, Ahmad Jawed Rauf and Jahantab Tahirireplaced Muhammad Kabir Essar, Abdul Wadood Faizzada, Muhammad Askar Anwari, Noor Muhammad Tariqi, Fazal Rehman Tayab and Farishta Sheren.

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October 25, 2014



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