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Kunar PC 2014 certified results

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Kunar New PC members’ biographies- 2014

Nine candidates made their way to the Kunar provincial council in the April 5 election. Three of the members won the provincial council seat for the second time.
PC head: Din Mohammad Pilot Sapi; Jamaluddin Sayyar (20160601) Haji Wilayat Khan (20181209)
PC deputy head: Jamaluddin Sayar
PC secretary: Wilyat Khan
1. Abdul Latif Fazli
Abdul Latif Fazli Son of Abdul Hadi, Abdul Latif Fazli was born in 1980 in the Burrang village of Narang district. He got his bachelor degree in Sharia from the Jami Imam Bukhari in Peshawar Pakistan. Earlier, he served as teacher and head of welfare organization. Fazli is the member of Dawat-i-Islami political party.
Contact No: 0788222261
2. Wilyat Khan:
Wilyat Khan is the son of Fateh Khan. He was born in 1973 in the Pluzonawi village of Asmar district. He studied up to 12th in the Imam Abu Hanifa High School in Bajawar Pakistan. Earlier, he had his own business and did not have any government job. Wilyat Khan is the member of Hizb-i-Islami political party.
Contact No: 0775858228
3. Malak Sherzamin:
Malak Sherzamin Son of Mir Alam, Malak Sherzamin was born in 1960 in Barikot village of Nari district. He studied up to 12th class and served as major in the military. Earlier, he was director custom in Nari district. He has no political affiliation.
Contact No: 0790919870
4. Jamaluddin Sayar:
Jamaluddin  Sayar is the son of Gul Rahim. He was born in 1977. He is the resident of Shigal district. Jamluddin received his bachelor degree in Sharia from International Islamic University Islamabad.  Earlier, he served as security in-charge of Kabul-Jalalabad highway construction.
In addition, he remained communication officer of provincial peace council. Jamaluddin has been selected as secretary of provincial council.
Contact: 0777901295
5. Din Mohammad Pilot Sapi:
Din Mohammad Sapi Son of Mohammad Umar, Din Mohammad was born in 1965 in Sauki district. Sapi is a pilot by profession. He completed his studies from a military university in aviation field. He served as pilot for 15 years in the air force. After succeeding in the provincial council election, Sapi was selected as head of the council through vote.
Contact No: 0779090792
6. Mohammad Sapi:
Mohammad Sapi is the son of Mobin. He was born in 1973 in the Nanglam village of Manogi district. Sapi studied up 12th class. Earlier, he had his own business. Mohammad Sapi has affiliation with Hiz-i-Islami Afghanistan political party.
Contact No: 0772161002
7. Shah Wali Himat Shah Wali Hemat:
Shah Wali Himat Son of Sultan Mohammad, Shah Wali was born in 1974. He is the resident of Watapur district. Himat studied up to 12th in Imam Abu Hanifa High School in Bajaur, Pakistan. He is a member of Hizb-i-Islami political party. He had no government job before making his way to the provincial council.
Contact No: 0777780141. Hemat was killed in a suicide attack (20180330)
8. Mrs. Rohina Mashwani:
Rohina Mashwani Daughter of Haji Saki Mashwani, Rohina was born in 1978 in the Pluzonawi village of Asmar district. She is the student of law faculty at Dunya private university in the capital Kabul. Rohina has no political affiliation.
Contact No: 077261023
9. Mrs. Maryam Sapi:
Maryam Sapi is the daughter of Muqadas Khan. She was born in 1989 in the Lachlam area. Maryam is the resident of Manogi district and studied up to 12th class. Earlier, she worked as a teacher.
Contact No: 0777711173
Ustad Atta Mohammad Tayeb 9.960 9.53%
Fazli Abdul Latif 8.656 8.28%
Haji Khan 5.905 5.65%
Haji Malik 5.766 5.52%
Haji Jamaluddin 5.529 5.29%
Haji Din Mohammad Safi  5.406 5.17%
Haji Mohammad Safi 5.379 5.15%
Mrs Rohina Mashvani ڼۍ4.4774.28%
Mrs Maryam Safi1.888 1.81%

3 of former provincial council members in Kunar provinces could win reelection bids (20141030)
Provincial Councils Election Final Results
Results By Elected Candidates
Results Status:Certified
October 25, 2014


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استاد محمد طیب عطاء




عبداللطیف فضلي




حاجی ولایت خان




ملک حاجی شیر زمین




حاجی جمال الدین سیار




الحاج پیلوټ دین محمد صافی




الحاج محمد صافی




روهینه مشواڼۍ




مریم صافی




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