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Khosti, Amin Jan

Name Khosti, Amin Jan
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Head money changers’ union of Kabul Sarai-e-Shahzada Sarai S
History and Biodata

Head money changers’ union of Kabul Sarai-e-Shahzada Sarai Shahzada Surai Shahzada Sarai-ye Shahzada Shahzada Babur Shah Sadozai:
Haji Mohammad Rafi Azimi (20060104)
Haji Muhammad Khalid Kohistani (20100117)

Mohammad Amin Jan Khosti (20110721)
Haji Najeebullah Akhtary
Najibullah Akhtari (20121212, 20131031)
Khan Mohammad Baz (20141014)
Alhaj Qazi Mir Afghan Safi (20190115)
Amin Jan Khosti (20210924)

Spokesman for Shahzada Sarai Market:

Abdul Rahman Zirak (20220117, 20220402)

Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) on Thursday September 3, 2021 said that the Sarai-Shahzada money market in Kabul would reopened on Saturday, September 4.

Based on a decision by the Islamic Emirate, "Boli" market has been closed inside Sarai Shahzada. Boli is a market inside Sarai Shahzada where large amounts of money are exchanged, where also the value of the afghani against foreign currencies is being determined.Along with money-exchanging shops, individual vendors also used to do business in the Boli market. “There were problems in Boli. Some individuals (vendors) were spreading fake reports and fake exchang rates in Boli,” said Abdul Rahman Zirak, a spokesman of the union.(202220117)


The market was founded by late Abdul Aziz Shahzada 1935. Sarai Shahzada is Afghanistan's largest and historical financial and trading market. Located in the herat of Kabul city it serves as a mainground for daily businesses of many Afghan bankers, goldsmiths and precious stone sellers. Millions of dollars - rather than the national currency, the afghani - change hands here daily. The market comprises some 300 small shops and thousands of dealers. The locals say the place has always remained busy, even during years of factional fighting. The hustle and bustle is enough to surprise visitors. The entrance to the market is also crowded by dozens of currency dealers, carrying a calculator in one hand and a bundle of afghanis, Iranian tumans and Pakistani rupees. Some even set up their stalls on the ground. The market also admitted to the continued practice of money-laundering (hawala, as it is locally known ) across the world despite American attempts to stop this undocumented transfer of money.The business is done through telephone, fax and e-mail.

More Background:

The well know financial and trading market " Sarai Shahzada" is located in the heart of Kabul city and is operated by three sons of Late Abdul Aziz Shahzada (The Founder of Sarai Shahzada) namely Timor Shah, Ahmad Shah and Babur Shah Sadozai respectively. Shahzada Abdul Aziz is the 7th grand son of Ahmad Shah Durrany(Sadozai) the first Emperor and the founder of Afghanistan. His Highness Shahzada Abdul Aziz had 6 sons Abdul Hakeem, Abdul Raheem, Abdul Azeem Temor Shah, Ahmad Shah and Babur Shah Sadozai.

The market was purchased at the price of seven hundred thousands from the municipality in the year 1935 during the era of Prime Minister Mohammad Hashim Khan.

During the presidency of Late Abdul Aziz Shahzada the market gained its popularity both nationally and internationally.

Sarai Shahzada has been named as the economic nerves of the Afghanistan Economy in different publications by Da Afghanistan Bank and other financial institutions. Recently Shahzada Babur Shah Sadozai, the youngest son of Late Abdul Aziz Shahzada took initiative to reconstruct the market. Sarai Shahzada Financial and Trading Market, has a well known reputation among the Asian Financial and Trading Markets. Therefore the Economists, Bankers, Goldsmiths and other precious stone sellers have chosen Sarai Shahzada as their ground for daily businesses.

The administration of the above mentioned market was once done by strong political figures, or irresponsible people which was a big problem for the business dealers and the market position was suffering because of this. To avoid such problems in the future Shahzada Babur Shah Sadozai one of the leading and well known businessman in the country and the youngest son of Late Abdul Aziz ( The Founder of Sarai Shahzada ) step in, to solve the problems and started to reconstruct the market. It is worth mentioning that most of the well known businessmen in Afghanistan and in the region have a direct or indirect business deals in Sarai Shahzada and more than one hundred thousand employees are involved in business in Sarai Shahzada.


Head Office
Sarai Shahzada Market,
Kabul River Side,
Kabul Afghanistan

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Established 2010-01-19