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Mohammadi, Abdul Ali

Name Mohammadi, Abdul Ali
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Adviser
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Adviser to President Karzai
Ashraf Ghani Presidential campaign 2014 member (20140608)

Senior Legal Adviser to President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (20141008)

3. Biodata:

political activist and university lecturer
political activist and university lecturer

Makhdum Abdul Ali Mohammadi Abdul Ali Muhammadi Abdulali Mohammadi has not held political offices so far but was a lecturer at Khatm-ul-Nabi’in University in Kabul which had been established by former Shia mujahedin leader Asef Mohseni. Makhdum Abdul Ali Mohammadi hails from Samangan. He took up his father’s mantle, who was assassinated in 2007. His father, Mawlawi Mohammad Islam Mohammadi, not was only MP for Samangan, but also former Taliban governor of Bamyan and Jamiat strongman in the district of Ruy-e Du-Ab since the first days of the jihad. After his father’s murder and his ‘consolation’ appointment as advisor to President Karzai, the president pardoned two rapists who had been fighters with Abul Ali’s father. According to the victim and her family, these two (along with a third who died in prison) had been ordered to commit the rape by one of Mawlawi Islam’s sub-commanders during his 2005 parliamentary election campaign. They accused the son of pushing for the followers of his father to get out of jail.

Abdul Ali Mohammadi was Head of committee on national programs and member of Ashraf Ghani’s campaign team and said the fight against corruption is a priority for Ghani, and he believes the role of media and civil society is important in enforcement of law. He is the author of a book, “The Constitutional Law of Afghanistan Islamic Republic.” Mohammadi has asked the Attorney General's Office (AGO) to send the list of its corrupt officials to the President's Office within 24 hours. In a ceremony celebrating the eleventh year of Afghanistan's Constitution, President Ghani's advisor Abdul Ali Mohammadi emphasized that the country's courts would no more be the place for the bribers and 12th grade graduates.(20150111)

President Ashraf Ghani suspended his legal advisor, Abdul Ali Mohammadi, over the signing of a controversial housing scheme project, according to sources close to the Presidential Palace. Mohammadi allegedly facilitated the signing of the “Smart City Township” project between a key Kabul Bank defaulter Khalilullah Frozi and the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs.(20151117) Mohammadi said the reason he rejected to resign was because several high-ranking government officials were involved in the case but its responsibility would fall only on his shoulder if the resignation would have taken place. The former legal adviser to the President added that he did not surrendered to pressure so finally he was suspended. According to Ahmadi, certain elements are trying to hinder the payback-process of Kabul Bank loans. Abdul Ali Mohammadi has claimed that the entire process of the controversial Smart City housing project with convicted Kabul Bank defaulterl Khalilullah Frozi was supervised by the president himself. Mohammadi said Ghani approved a Kabul Bank debt recuperation procedure that mapped out a repayment package for Frozi.(20151214)

He speaks Dari and English.

political activist and university lecturer


political activist and university lecturer
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