Afghan Biographies

Atifmal, Atiqullah

Name Atifmal, Atiqullah
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1957
Function/Grade Ambassador to Malaysia
History and Biodata

1. Former Ambassadors to Malaysia:
Dr. Abdul Sattar Murad (2002)
Dr. Amanullah Saihoon (2003)
Yonnus Farman (20091122),
Abdul Samad Samad (20091126)
Dr. Jamrad Jamshid (20130520)
Atiqullah Atifmal (20151129)

Embassy Staff:
Mr. Mohammad Amin Vakili 05-06-09
Mrs. Rahima Amiri

  Mrs. Ahmad Shah Arsalaie 20-07-10
Mrs Latifa Arsalaie

  Ms. Latifa Wali Rahimi 26-09-08
First Secretary

Mr. Kanishka Nasiry 20-07-10
Third Secretary
Mrs. Muskan Nasiry

2. Previous Functions:
Second Secretary of Afghan Embassy in Paris (1986-1989)
Deputy Chief of Protocol Foreign Ministry (1991-1994),
Chief of Protocol (2001-2004),
Consul General) in Los Angeles (2004-2008)
Deputy Director General of fifth Political Department (2008-2009)
General of parliamentary affairs division of MoFA (2009-2011),
Consul General of Afghanistan in Dubai (2011-2013)
Deputy Foreign Minister for Finance and Administration (20140226-20141211)
acting Minister of Foreign Affairs (20141212-)
Ambassador to Malaysia (20151129)

3. Biodata:
Atifmal Atiqullah Atif Mal Ateequllah was born 1957 to the ethnic tribe of Stanikzai of Logar Province in Afghanistan. His Father's name was Rahmatullah Stanikzai. He achieved his bachelor degree from literature and humanitarian science faculty of  Kabul University in (1974-1978), constantly he was teaching English as a second language at Kabul University in (1979-1981). Atifmal also holds a diploma in Philosophy from Moscow State University and a diploma from Institute of Diplomacy of Afghanistan Foreign Ministry in 1983. Mr. Atifmal received a medal of Excellence Services in 2002 and a certificate of appreciation in 2004, 2012 and 2013 from the Government of Afghanistan.  Atiqullah Atifmal was appointed as deputy Foreign Minister in March 2014

Mr. Atifmal is married, has five children, four sons and one daughter.

He speaks Dari, English and Russian language.

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