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Natiqi, Mohammad Nateqi

Name Natiqi, Mohammad Nateqi
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1950
Function/Grade Adviser for religious affairs to deputy CEO Mohaqeq
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Former Afghanistan Commerce Minister Mohammad Natiqi (2001)
Member of the 11- strong Northern Alliance delegation in Bonn (2001)
Kabul-based military analyst  (20121030)
Spokesman of the Wahadat party (supporting President Hamid Karzai) (20090821)
Member of the NFP (20130817)
Deputy head of the Hezb-e Wahdat-e Islami Mardom Afghanistan (the Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan) (20130930)
Member of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah's Presidential Election 2014 team (20140100)
Adviser for religious affairs to deputy CEO Mohaqeq, (20150217)
3. Biodata:
Mohammad Natiqi was born 1950 Panjab District, Bamian Province, Afghanistan. He studied at the University of Kabul and the  Islamic Azam University, Tehran, Iran. He is or was working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kabul. (20140823) Mohammad Nateqi is a member of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah's team leading up negotiations over the national unity deal. Mohammad Natiqi leads Abdullah Abdullah's [15 member] team.(20140814) Ali Mirzai and Mohammad Hussin Bakhshi was an aide to northern alliance delegate Mohammad Natiqi during Bonn Petersberg Negotiations November December 2001.
He is married and has children. One son Ali is living in Canada.

Muhammad Nateqi was recently also appointed adviser for religious affairs to deputy CEO Mohaqeq, (20150217)


Natiqi speaks Dari and English.

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