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Ghairat, Faizullah Brig Gen

Name Ghairat, Faizullah Brig Gen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Provincial Police Commander Khost
History and Biodata

1. Former Provincial Police Commanders Chiefs Khost:
Colonel Mohammad Zaman (200603),
Gen. Mohammad Ayub (20070422),
Mohammad Wali Shah (20070718),
Abdul Qayum Baqizoy, Baqizou (20090830),
Mohammad Yaqoob Yakuob Khan (20100321),
Brig Gen Abdul Hakim Is'haqzai Ishaqzai (20100326, 20110514),
Brig Gen Sardar Mohammad Zazai (20110611,20110920)
Gen Abdul Qayum Baqi Brig. Gen. Abdul Qayyum Baqizoy (20121208, 20130208)
Gen Faizullah Ghairat (20140415, 20150410, 20160725, 20170918)

Deputy Provincial Police Commander Khost:
Guldad (20100529),
Col Mohammad Yaqub Mohammad Yaqoob (20110603, 20121111, 20130520) killed in Hazrat Jee Baba locality of Kandahar City (20170212)
Abdul Hanan, provincial acting police chief (20180415)

Provincial Rapid Reaction Force Commander:
Colonel Zaher (20110611) killed

Provincial police criminal investigation chief:
Gul Dad Mandozai Mohammad Yahqoob Mandozai (20100107, 20110611)
crime branch chief at the police headquarters, Col. Shir Dawood Tanai (20171002)

Provincial police counterinsurgency chief:
Razuddin (20090208)
Security Forces Coordination Centre chief in Khost:
Brig. Ghazi Mir Zadran (2013117, 20140415)

Spokesman for the Provincial Administration:
Mubariz Zadran (20100328),

Khost City Police Chief:
gul_ziaratCol. Ziarat Gul Ahmadzai (20110929). He was the former Chief of ANP trainung unit No 03. (see picture left)
Khost City police chief Col. Faizullah Izzat (20140327)



2. Previous Function Brig Gen Faizullah Ghairat:
Provincial Police Commander Khost (20140415, 20150410, 20160725, 20170918)

3. Biodata:
Brig Gen Faizullah Ghairat

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