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Nayebi, Abdul Wakil

Name Nayebi, Abdul Wakil
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1974
Function/Grade Member IEC Media Commission
History and Biodata

2. Previous Function:
Member IEC Media Commission (2014)
3. Biodata:

Abdul Wakil Nayebi, son of Niaz Mohammad Khan, was born in September 1974 in Farghanbel village, in Khost district of Baghlan. He learned preliminary religious teachings from his grandfather and the Imam of the village. Nayebi completed secondary school in his birth place and graduated from Abdul Hadi Dawi Higher Secondary School in Kabul in 2000. He attended Kabul University and in 2004 graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism. After graduation from college, Nayebi started working with Aryana TV Network and since the establishment of the channel, he has been a journalist for Aryana for nearly 9 years.

In addition to formal degree at Kabul University, he has gained further journalism trainings in other institutions too and during his work with Aryana, he has produced more than ten thousand news reports and other programs on different issues which are archived. For his coverage and documentary reports of suicide attacks and blasts, Nayebi has severally been celebrated by Aryana TV from which “The Best Journalist of the Year” Award, two first degree letters of appreciation, one third degree letter of appreciation and two other letters of appreciation can be named.

Additionally, he has received several other letters of appreciation from other institutions including the Journalist Advocate Unions. During his career, for the purpose of news coverage, he has travelled with President Karzai to numerous countries including India, Romania, Turkey, Netherlands, Germany, France, Russia, Tajikistan, Sweden, China and UAE. Since he was 12, Nayebi grew instincts of interest to poetry and so far has written over 100 pieces of poetry which are usually in the classic format. His poems, mainly Ghazal and Couplets are epic and ecstatic which are about to be published.


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