Afghan Biographies

Jami Zada, Sher Mohammad Eng.

Name Jami Zada, Sher Mohammad Eng.
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1960
Function/Grade Central Statistics Office Organisation (CSO) Head
History and Biodata

1. Head Afghanistan's Central Statistics Office Organisation (CSO) :
Ajmal Watanyar (Uzbek),
Abdul Rahman Ghafoori (20091105, 20120610, 20130622),
Eng. Sher Mohammad Jami Zada (20140201, 20150209)

Deputy CSO Director:
Hasibullah Mowahed (20140923)

Other Officials in CSO:
Asmatullah Ramzi (20080503), Sami Nabi (20080503), Abdul Rashid Fakhri,

Central Statistics Organization Ansari Watt, Ariana Square Kabul, Afghanistan Tel: +93-20-2100329, 210409 Fax: e-mail:

2. Previous Functions Eng Sher Mohammad Jami Zada:
Deputy Minister of Economy (2006, 2010)
Deputy Minister of Finance (Administration) (20110328)
President General Central Statistics Organization (20140201)

3. Biodata:
Eng. Sher Mohammad Jami Zada Eng. Shir Mohammad Jami was born 1960 in Kabul Province. He studied at Kabul University and lives in Kabul.


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