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Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai – ironically married to an American – runs his own "university", the Mashal Institute of Higher Education, in Kabul. Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai is a wealthy ex-mujahed, former prime minister under Burhanuddin Rabbani and deputy of Abdul Rab Rassul Sayyaf’s Ittehad-e Islami (renamed Dawat-e Islami, meanwhile) and now head of his own party, the Islamist Hezb-e Eqtedar-e Islami.

The Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) introduces up to 30 of its staffs to different "universities" including Mashal, Idrak and Khatamunnabien for capacity building and pays the expenses.(20171114)

Mashal Institute of Higher Education (MIHE) as a private institute came into existence in 2009 to serve the nation and utilize the resources in academic field. The MIHE shall endeavor to promote the principles on which our nation worked during the years; Islamic awareness, social justice national integration, scientific solution to the problem of society, democratic way of life and international understanding.
MIHE as legal entity prepare its study programs according to the rules and regulations Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Ministry of Higher Education.


MIHE says it is one of the Leading University offers the professional Degree Programs i.e. Bachelor of Business Administration, Political Science and Journalism, MIHE also offers Short Courses related to the Information Technology, Accounts and Management, and courses related with English Language Subjects. The main aim and objectives to establish this institution is to provide professional degree and short courses education to those who want to make their carriers in the field of Business Administration, Journalism, Political Science, Information Technology, Accounts and Management and want to improve their English Language Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing Skills.


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